Movies Filmed at BC Place Stadium

777 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada
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A large stadium in Vancouver’s downtown, BC Place originally opened in 1983 and featured an inflatable roof. After the roof was torn and deflated in 2007, the stadium was renovated and a retractable roof was installed (those tall columns above the building support the new roof).

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Expo Boulevard from TRON: Legacy and 1 other movie.
106 m

Parking Lot (778 Beatty Street) from The Flash
145 m

720 Beatty Street from The Flash
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The Thunderdome

Football stadium at the end of episode #313 "Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central".

The Flash

S.T.A.R. Labs

Barry fights the Reverse-Flash outside the building in episode #109 "The Man in the Yellow Suit". The crew loads up their prisoners into the transport truck, and later Barry and others battle Wells outside the building in episode #122 "Rogue Air". Caitlin and Ronnie get married by Dr. Stein outside the building in episode #123 "Fast Enough". Zombie Tony Woodward bursts out of the building in episode #221 "The Runaway Dinosaur". Barry and Oliver fight the rest of the assembled team after they are mind controlled in episode #308 "Invasion!".

Stadium Battle

Barry chases the Reverse-Flash through a stadium in episode #109 "The Man in the Yellow Suit".


Starling City Courthouse

Oliver and Laurel watch Lance's press conference about the new low level of crime in Starling City in episode #301 "The Calm".

Outside Queen Consolidated

Oliver and Felicity talk after leaving the board meeting at Queen Consolidated in episode #301 "The Calm".

Rockets Arena

Team Arrow head to the music festival at the arena in episode #506 "So It Begins".


Manhattan Transit Station

Etta and Simon sneak Walter into Manhattan through this mass transit station in episode #419 "Letters of Transit".

Clane Center (exterior)

A group of people spontaneously combust in episode #421 "Brave New World: Part 1".

The X-Files

Dulles Concorse

Agents Einstein and Miller are waiting at the airport when they are called by Mulder and Scully respectively in episode #1005 "Babylon".

The 6th Day

Football Stadium



Ford, Ella, and Sam are reunited at a disaster relief camp.