Movies Filmed at BC Place Stadium

777 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2X7, Canada
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A large stadium in Vancouver’s downtown, BC Place originally opened in 1983 and featured an inflatable roof. After the roof was torn and deflated in 2007, the stadium was renovated and a retractable roof was installed (those tall columns above the building support the new roof).

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Expo Boulevard from TRON: Legacy and 1 other movie.
106 m

Parking Lot (778 Beatty Street) from The Flash
145 m

720 Beatty Street from The Flash
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The Thunderdome

Football stadium at the end of episode #313 "Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central".

The Flash

S.T.A.R. Labs

Barry fights the Reverse-Flash outside the building in episode #109 "The Man in the Yellow Suit". The crew loads up their prisoners into the transport truck, and later Barry and others battle Wells outside the building in episode #122 "Rogue Air". Caitlin and Ronnie get married by Dr. Stein outside the building in episode #123 "Fast Enough". Zombie Tony Woodward bursts out of the building in episode #221 "The Runaway Dinosaur". Barry and Oliver fight the rest of the assembled team after they are mind controlled in episode #308 "Invasion!".

Stadium Battle

Barry chases the Reverse-Flash through a stadium in episode 1x09 "The Man in the Yellow Suit".


Starling City Courthouse

Oliver and Laurel watch Lance's press conference about the new low level of crime in Starling City in episode #301 "The Calm".

Outside Queen Consolidated

Oliver and Felicity talk after leaving the board meeting at Queen Consolidated in episode #301 "The Calm".

Rockets Arena

Team Arrow head to the music festival at the arena in episode #506 "So It Begins".


Manhattan Transit Station

Etta and Simon sneak Walter into Manhattan through this mass transit station in episode #419 "Letters of Transit".

Clane Center (exterior)

A group of people spontaneously combust in episode #421 "Brave New World: Part 1".

The X-Files

Dulles Concorse

Agents Einstein and Miller are waiting at the airport when they are called by Mulder and Scully respectively in episode #1005 "Babylon".

The 6th Day

Football Stadium



Ford, Ella, and Sam are reunited at a disaster relief camp.