Vancouver Community College

1155 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 4V5, Canada

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Filmed in Vancouver Community College

The Good Doctor

St. Bonaventure Hospital

Shaun is locked out of the hospital when he tries to tell the other doctors to perform an ultrasound in episode 1x01 “Burnt Food”. Dr. Andrews asks Dr. Glassman for advice regarding John Wannamaker surgery. Later, Claire and Shaun arrive only to learn that Chuck has lost his place on the transplant list in episode 1x03 “Oliver”. Dr. Glassman suggest Shaun get a person aid while they are eating breakfast in the cafeteria in episode 1x04 “Pipes”.



The doctor updates Philip's parents about his present condition in episode 2x01 “Ave Machina”. Grant and Kat go in for a checkout and find something worrying on the ultrasound in episode 2x04 “11:27”. Grant talks to a doctor about the missing patient and gets a description in episode 3x04 “Perrow”.

Alley near Galston Agriculture

Trevor and Philip prepare Abby for her mission and then monitor her from the van in episode 2x04 “11:27”.