“The One with the Baby Carrot” Filming Locations

Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that the Sinnerman exists while the team investigates the murder of a stand-up comedian.

Series: Lucifer Season 3, Episode 2
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Lucifer episode "The One with the Baby Carrot" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Empty Lot (beside 1st Street Bridge) as Under Bridge

The police investigate the murder of a stand-up commedian.


Stage 21 (Warner Bros Studios) as The Bobby Lowe Show

Ella accompanies Chloe and Lucifer when they visit Bobby Lowe's studio to question him about the murder.


Empty Lot (off Albion Street) as Dumpster Fire

Linda helps Amenadiel burn Lucifer's old wings in a dumpster.