Lucifer Filming Locations

The devil is on Earth, and he is a club owner in Los Angeles who solves murders with the police.

Lucifer was filmed in 11 cities across 2 countries.
Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, West Vancouver, Surrey, & White Rock in Canada and Los Angeles in the United States of America.

750 Pacific Boulevard

Police Station

Lucifer shows up at the police station to meet with Lt. Monroe in episode 1x05 “Sweet Kicks”. Chloe and Dan talk about the Palmetto case in episode 1x07 “Wingman”. Malcolm talks to Dan in episode 1x09 “A Priest Walks Into a Bar”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

The police look into the devil cult.

Take Me Back to Hell

Dan turns himself in to save Lucifer.

Fletcher's (exterior)

Ella flirts with the local detective while Candy thanks Lucifer for his help in episode 3x06 “Vegas with Some Radish”.

Building 156 (Warner Bros Studios)

Wheeler Law & Associates

Appears in “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards” & “Quintessential Deckerstar”.

Coffee Shop

Charlotte meets Trixie who is at the coffee shop with Dan and they hit it off in episode 3x10 “The Sin Bin”. Amenadiel sees Charlotte when he is getting coffee and only later realizes that she is no longer his mother in episode 3x18 “The Last Heartbreak”.

Saint Angeline Memorial Hospital (exterior)

Lucifer and Marcus search around outside after realizing Abel has escaped in another body and decide to track him on their own in episode 3x16 “Infernal Guinea Pig”.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Church of the High Prince (interior)

A group of satanists perform a mock-scarifice and later Lucifer and Chloe arrive to question them about the actual dead girl in episode 1x12 “#TeamLucifer”.

Amenadiel's Apartment

Maze arrives at Amenadiel's place while he is brooding and tries to convince herself to kill him after they sleep together in episode 1x12 “#TeamLucifer”.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Lucifer tells his mother that he has all of the pieces of the spear and that she should leave Chloe alone when Hector Ruiz arrives and points his gun at them. When time is frozen by Amenadiel, Lucifer uses the spear to cut a hole into an empty universe for his mother in episode 2x18 “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy”. Chloe and Lucifer investigate the body of Sam left posed under the pier in episode 3x01 “They're Back, Aren't They?”.

Willow Studios

Joey Pileggi's Apartment

Upon arriving at a crime scene Lucifer realizes that he did the victim a favor recently in episode 3x09 “The Sinnerman”.

Abandoned Building

Appears in “The Sinnerman”.

3692 Escapade Circle

North Star Dock

Lucifer tracks Jerry Blackcrow Ross to the marina as he is trying to flee in episode 3x04 “What Would Lucifer Do?”.

Judge's House

Lucifer steps up his old school game by convincing a judge that Lucifer sleeping with his wife is the best thing in episode 3x04 “What Would Lucifer Do?”.

Paradise Cove


The team investigates a man killed with a knife on the beach and upon reviewing the security camera footage they see Maze standing over the body in episode 3x19 “Orange Is the New Maze”.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Lucifer and Dan track Dan's phone to the amusement park and locate Beckett Wilson but she manages to escape them again when Lucifer is distracted in episode 3x25 “Boo Normal”.

Casa Mia

Dunlear Foundation

Chloe and Lucifer investigate the murder of a former football player-turned philanthropist in episode 1x11 “St. Lucifer”.

Agrodome (PNE)

Crime Scene

Chloe and Lucifer walk away from the where the second victim was found while discussing the victim's 'sins' in episode 2x03 “Sin-Eater”.

Dollar Meat Store

Chinatown Hideout

Dan and Lucifer head to the address given to them by Li where they find the rest of their murdered witness as well as his killer who has also been murdered in episode 2x10 “Quid Pro Ho”.

Jamaica Bay Inn

Ignacia Restaurant

Uriel sets up a chain of events that leads to Kimo Vanzandt seeing his wife cheating on him and pulling a gun on Chloe in episode 2x05 “Weaponizer”.


Sketchy Building

Reese follows Lucifer to some sort of deal behind a sketchy building and gets threatened by Maze in episode 3x07 “Off the Record”.

7252 Kingsway

Pasadena University Lab

Professor Carlisle talks to Chloe through video chat from his lab and explains his experiment to her. Chloe and Lucifer head to the lab to stop Professor Carlisle to save the students and after defeating him Chloe returns looking to see if Lucifer is still alive in episode 2x12 “Love Handles”.

6831 Arcola Street

Naomi's Apartment

Chloe and Lucifer go to investigate an apartment of a disgruntled former restaurant employee only to find it riddled with drug paraphernalia in episode 1x10 “Pops”.

Catalina's Bridal Shop

Barry's Bail Bonds

Maze goes looking for the bail bondsman who hired her to track the victim and later the police track her and find Barry's body instead in episode 3x19 “Orange Is the New Maze”.

7282 Kingsway

Malibu State Student Resources Center

Chloe and Lucifer interview the dead student's roommate Timmy Nolan and then the blackmailed actor shows up with a knife in episode 2x12 “Love Handles”.

Street Corner

Street Corner

Someone tries to mug Charlotte while she is walking down the street and she discovers she has super-strength in episode 2x03 “Sin-Eater”.