“We Fall” Filming Locations

Cayden James executes a series of lethal hacks across the city one of which puts William in danger.

Series: Arrow Season 6, Episode 11
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Arrow episode "We Fall" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2730 Cooperative Way as Councilman Grovner's House

Councilman Grovner is leaving his home when he sees his car covered in toilet paper.


Hebb Avenue (between Renfrew & Nootka) as Councilman Grovner Driving

Councilman Grovner is heading down the road near his house when he find himself unable to stop.


South Grandview Highway & Slocan Street as Red Light

Councilman Grovner's car goes crashes after running a red light.

Vancouver Film Studios as Alley

Dinah searches one of the locations for Vincent but comes up empty.


Italian Cultural Centre as Oak Street Community Center

Oliver encourages citizens to assemble in a safe zone at the community center which they later learn is the target of Cayden James.

New Westminster City Hall as City Hall

Oliver hosts a press conference to announce to the public the threat from Cayden James.