Vancouver Film Studios

Vancouver Film Studios, Cornett Rd, Vancouver, BC V5M 2H5, Canada

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The largest North American film production facility outside of LA, Vancouver Film Studios contains a dozen sound stages as well as offices and workshops. Many productions that use the studios as their base of operations use the grounds of the facility to shoot short scenes without having to go far from home.

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Cornett Road & Skeena Street from The Flash and 1 other movie.
148 m

Skeena Street (between Cornett & 11th) from The Flash
164 m

Pacific Backlot Services from The Flash and 1 other movie.
182 m

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Locations belonging to Vancouver Film Studios include Building F & Building K.

Filmed in Vancouver Film Studios

The Flash

Outside Stagg Industries

Barry has to lean against a fence after outside after fighting Danton Black in the warehouse in episode 1x02 “Fastest Man Alive”.

Kendra Saunders on Street

Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl) watches the black hole in episode 1x23 “Fast Enough”.

Outside Police Station

Captain Singh heads up the negotiation with William Tockman outside the police station in episode 1x07 “Power Outage”. A police officer is walking to the station when the alarms on all of the cars in the parking lot start going off in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

S.T.A.R. Labs (garage/rear entrance)

Barry is attacked by Farooq Gibran in the garage of S.T.A.R. Labs in episode 1x07 “Power Outage”. Caitlin walks out of the labs under the influence of Grodd in episode 2x07 “Gorilla Warfare”. Barry lures Zoom into a trap in episode 2x18 “Versus Zoom”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Dead or Alive

The team trains Cisco to fight against the collector using his Vibe powers.

Finish Line

H.R. leaves the building with the piece of Savitar's suit to track him down. Later, Savitar comes in response to Barry's summoning and hears out his request.

Subject 9

The team aggressively helps Izzy Bowin train with her new powers.


Barry gives a bouquet of flowers to a couple eating at a cafe in episode 1x08 “Flash vs. Arrow”.

Christmas Light Display

The Flash and Reverse-Flash run past a man setting up Christmas lights in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”.

Pause in Chase

The Flash and the Reverse-Flash stop to talk in the middle of chase in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”.

Car Warehouse

Mick Rory & Leonard Snart break into a car storage warehouse in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

Parking Lot

Caitlin is attacked by Leonard Snart by her car and is captured in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

A.R.G.U.S. Warehouse

Oliver and his crew try to stop Damien Darhk from stealing a chemical weapon and they have to be rescued by the Flash in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Spotting Wells

Patty is heading to her car when she spots the Earth-2 Harrison Wells loading his trunk in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Romantic Restaurant

During a nightmare Patty is taken by Zoom while on a date with Barry in episode 2x10 “Potential Energy”.

Geomancer Attacks

Joe, Caitlin, and Jay watch a news report on the new villain Geomancer calling out The Flash in episode 2x13 “Welcome to Earth-2”.

Zoom & Cop

Zoom runs past a cop and gives him a flying demanding Harrison Wells in episode 2x14 “Escape from Earth-2”.

Near Rail Line

Barry stops by a fence after losing Zoom in episode 2x18 “Versus Zoom”.

D.A. Fremont Imports Exports

Mina Chayton takes control of a stone beast to get the first piece of the necklace in episode 4x06 “When Harry Met Harry…”.

Impound Lot

Barry and Ralph investigate the smashed-up bus looking for clues on the final bus meta in episode 4x18 “Lose Yourself”.

Container Port

Barry, Cisco, and Cynthia investigate the port based on the joint-vibe but learn their information was inaccurate in episode 4x20 “Therefore She Is”.

Construction Site

Iris and Nora try to figure out how to investigate together while searching for the satellite core with Sherloque in episode 5x06 “The Icicle Cometh”.

Weather Station

Nora arrives to find Joss Mardon faking a hurricane to get her attention so Joss can ask for help making amends in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.


GD Loading Dock

Loading dock where Zane and Lupo talk in episode #404 "The Story of O2". This is also where a GD technician gives Lupo the robot back in episode #406 "Momstrosity".


Under Freeway

Peter, Olivia, and Broyles talk under the freeway in episode #209 "Snakehead".

Empire World Fragrance

Olivia and her team track down Anson Carr to this warehouse where he is conducting his experiments in episode 4x15 “A Short Story About Love”.


Merlyn Global

Tommy follows his injured father while Quentin questions him on the attack in episode 1x16 “Dead to Rights”.

Oliver Speaks to Helena

After breaking her out of the police station Oliver gives Helena a ticket out of town in episode 1x17 “The Huntress Returns”.

Starling Metro Police

Roy is unloaded from the police van and taken past reporters and into the police station in episode 3x19 “Broken Arrow”. Diggle and Laurel sit in front of the police station guarding Jessica Danforth in episode 4x02 “The Candidate”. Oliver surveys the damage of the police station with Lance and Rene in episode 6x01 “Fallout”.

Bomb #4

Cisco defuses one of the bombs in a parking lot in episode 3x08 “The Brave and the Bold”.


Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle share drinks in episode 4x03 “Restoration”.

Laurel's Apartment Stairs

Sara chases Thea down the stairs at Laurel's building, but Thea manages to hide from her in episode 4x05 “Haunted”.


Lance is drinking at a bar when Felicity's mother strikes up a conversation with him in episode 4x06 “Lost Souls”.

Kord Industries Shipping Facility

Laurel, Thea, and Oliver stake out the railgun shipment in episode 4x11 “A.W.O.L.”.

A.R.G.U.S. Door

Shadowspire soldiers use Alan Chang's eye to break into the A.R.G.U.S. headquarters in episode 4x11 “A.W.O.L.”.

AmerTek (offices)

Laurel and Diggle attempt to stop the thief but he escapes through the vents in episode 4x12 “Unchained”.

Palmer Tech (service entrance)

Team Arrow arrives at the Palmer Tech loading dock but find their way in blocked by bees in episode 4x17 “Beacon of Hope”.

Pandora Homes Construction Site

Church is once again confronted by Prometheus about his attacks on the Green Arrow in episode 5x05 “Human Target”.

Lloyd's Gun Mart (exterior)

Curtis and Rene chew Diggle out for losing control in the van after interrogating the gun shop owner in episode 5x07 “Vigilante”.


Thea joins Oliver in the search for Billy and discusses Oliver's past actions in episode 5x09 “What We Leave Behind”. Oliver meets Anatoly on the roof to apologize after the team interrupts the Bratva's first operation in the city in episode 5x18 “Disbanded”.

News Broadcast

A news broadcast on the particular accelerator activation plays in the warehouse in episode 5x11 “Second Chances”.

Balalaika Banquet Hall (rooftop)

Team Arrow gathers on the rooftop of the building Felicity identified as the Bratva hideout in episode 6x02 “Tribute”.

Channel 52

Dinah prepares the defense of Councilwoman Pollard during her interview but has to call the rest of the team off when Agent Watson shows up in episode 6x05 “Deathstroke Returns”.


Dinah searches one of the locations for Vincent but comes up empty in episode 6x11 “We Fall”.

Catching Ricardo Diaz

Rene and Curtis capture Ricardo Diaz while he is trying to flee the city in episode 6x13 “The Devil's Greatest Trick”.

Starling General Hospital

A police officer takes Laurel away from the hospital but she realizes the officer works for Diaz in episode 6x15 “Doppelgänger”.