“Fatal Flaw” Filming Locations

Mary teams up with the police to bring down Olivia while Nicole joins Des to plan Brandon's death.

Series: Mary Kills People Season 2, Episode 6
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Mary Kills People episode "Fatal Flaw" was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada.
Show Map

St. James Cathedral Centre as Eden General Hospital (conference room)

Annie sits nervously outside while Mary is interrogated about Betty Lisko's death.


St. James Cathedral Centre as West Bridge Academy

Naomi overhears Jess and Heather talking about her in the bathroom and finally shows Jess the video of her mother.

90 Cumberland Drive as Mary's House

Mary comes home to find Jess watching the video of her mother and finally tells her the truth.


TG Appliance Group as Bloom Appliances

When Mary goes to pick up the drugs, Olivia reveals that they will have to go to a second location.


Valet Car Wash as Car Wash

Olivia drives through a car wash to block the bug and makes a proposal to Mary and they find the police waiting when they emerge.