Movies Filmed at St. James Cathedral Centre

75 Church St, Toronto, ON M4W, Canada

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The Cathedral Church of St. James from The Boys and 2 other movies.
67 m

Courthouse Square from Conviction
102 m

Adelaide Street East (between Toronto & … from The Handmaid's Tale and 1 other movie.
102 m

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Mary Kills People

Eden General Hospital (conference room)

Annie sits nervously outside while Mary is interrogated about Betty Lisko's death in episode 2x06 “Fatal Flaw”.

West Bridge Academy

Naomi approaches Heather while she is stalking Jess on Instagram and apologizes for the kiss at the party in episode 2x05 “Come to Jesus”. Naomi overhears Jess and Heather talking about her in the bathroom and finally shows Jess the video of her mother in episode 2x06 “Fatal Flaw”.