“Birds of a Feather” Filming Locations

Other Howard gets Baldwin's true identity and sends the team searching for her other while Baldwin gets the same assignment from her handler.

Series: Counterpart Season 1, Episode 2
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Counterpart episode "Birds of a Feather" was filmed in Berlin in Germany and Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Café Moskau as Restaurant Moskau (exterior)

A rendition team comes after Howard and he ends up killing all three of them outside.


St. Matthäus-Kirche as St. Christopher Church (exterior)

Howard meets with Alexander Pope in a church on the Other Side.

Source: Lawrence Judd


Berlin Tempelhof Airport as The Crossing

The Other Side's Howard heads comes to cross over on a 72-hour visa.

Source: Chicago Lawyer/Author Larry Judd


Stage Theater of the West as Vaganten Bühne Theater (exterior)

Aldrich and Peter drive Howard to concert hall to meet the other Howard.

Source: IMDb


The Orpheum Theatre as Vaganten Bühne Theater (interior)

The two Howards watch the rehearsal from the balcony and later the two versions of Baldwin encounter one another.


Greifswalder Str. 4 as Nadia Fierro's Apartment (exterior)

The team heads to Nadia's apartment to search for clues.

Source: IMDb


Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo Kino as Theater Bar (exterior)

Baldwin calls the police and then kills the two agents waiting in the car.

Source: IMDb


Bahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz as Alexanderplatz Station

Nadia remembers doing nothing as her father is killed in the subway.