Movies Filmed at The Orpheum Theatre

842 S Broadway St, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
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Broadway Bar from (500) Days of Summer
25 m

Fenton Building from (500) Days of Summer
58 m

Eastern Columbia Building from Lucifer and 4 other movies.
81 m

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Vaganten Bühne Theater (interior)

The two Howards watch the rehearsal from the balcony and later the two versions of Baldwin encounter one another in episode 1x02 "Birds of a Feather".


From episode 5x02 "Unlike a Virgin".


From episode 2x10 "The Abduction".

Source: IMDb

Alvin and the Chipmunks


The Orpheum was used for opening of 'The Chipmunks 2007 World Tour'.


From episode 2x07 "Chuck Versus the Fat Lady".

Source: IMDb

Last Action Hero

Pandora Theater

Source: IMDb

Ed Wood


The lobby of the Orpheum is used with the exterior of the Pantages Theatre.

Barton Fink

Belasco Theater

Source: IMDb


Carnegie Hall

Source: IMDb

The Doors

Rock Concert in New Haven

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb


From episode 3x13 "Waiting in the Wings".

Source: IMDb

Funny Lady

New Amsterdam Theatre (interior)

Source: IMDb