“I, Ava” Filming Locations

Gary seeks the Legends help to locate Ava after she has gone missing for several days and they uncover her secret past. Meanwhile, Nate & Wally head to Baltimore to help Amaya's granddaughter and Zari trains Mick on his new Fire Totem.

Legends of Tomorrow episode “I, Ava” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Heli-One (YDT) as Time Bureau [2018]

Gary takes Sara and Ray to investigate Ava's office for clues on her disappearance.

Canoe Bridge as Vancouver Waterfront [2213]

The team arrives in the off limits year and finds the world filled with clones of Ava.

7616 Montreal Street (YDT) as Ava Corporation [2213]

Sara and the team investigate the company that produces the clones and are interrupted by the arrival of the real Ava.