Movies Filmed at The Ironworks

235 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C2, Canada

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A photography and event space just east of Gastown in the last remnants of an old ironworks dating back to the 1880s.

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Beneath Main Street Overpass from Arrow and 2 other movies.
30 m

Burrard Ironworks from The X-Files and 1 other movie.
48 m

Alexander Street & Main Street from Caprica
52 m

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Jules's Apartment (interior)

Ezra and Richie knock on the door of the apartment where they think Maddie lives only to find another person she conned living there in episode 1x02 “My Balls, Dickhead”. The trio goes over everything they know about Maddie in an attempt to find any common elements in episode 1x03 “We Wanted Every Lie”.


Jules has a dream of meeting Maddie at a bar which is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Ezra and Richard in episode 1x05 “Is a Shark Good or Bad?”.


Alistair Peck's Apartment

FBI raids this apartment and finds all of Alistair Peck's math stuff in episode 2x18 “White Tulip”.

Dana Gray's Apartment

The Fringe team searches Dana Gray's apartment for clues on her location in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Legends of Tomorrow

Kendra & Carter's Apartment [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue about accepting Rip Hunter's proposition and eventually decide to spar to decide in pilot episode “Pilot, Part 1”.

Memphis Bar [1954]

Amaya and Nate head to a local bar to deliver the replacement guitar but when Elvis tries to play with it he flops in episode 3x14 “Amazing Grace”.

Music Shop [1950]

A young Elvis Presley walks into a music store to purchase his first guitar and ends up buying one that the shopkeeper says is cursed in episode 3x14 “Amazing Grace”.

Mari's Apartment [2018]

Kuasa accompanies Nate and Wally to discuss how to protect Mari in episode 3x16 “I, Ava”.

Constantine's Apartment (interior) [2018]

Constantine remembers his good times with Des and later he returns to break them up before they can fall in love in episode 4x07 “Hell No, Dolly!”.

Gambling Den [1977]

Astra is rescued by Mick and the other Legends after getting into a suspicious winning streak while gambling in episode 6x01 “Ground Control to Sara Lance”.

Psych: The Movie

Juliet & Shawn's Apartment

Gus and Shawn head over to the apartment to find Juliet finally willing to tell them about the case.

Altered Carbon

Ortega Family Home

Mr. Leung murder's Kristen's entire family on Rei's orders in episode 1x09 “Rage in Heaven”. Mr. Leung tortures Ortega by repeatedly showing her the murder of her family in episode 1x10 “The Killers”.