DC's Legends of Tomorrow Filming Locations

Rip Hunter, a Time Master from the year 2166, recruits an unlikely band of heroes to help him stop the immortal warlord Vandal Savage from taking over the world.

See also: Arrow, The Flash, & Supergirl.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow was filmed in Vancouver, BC & Britannia Beach, BC in Canada.

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU)


Oliver Queen and Barry Allen talk to the team and introduce them to Rip Hunter on a rooftop in the upfronts preview.

Stave Falls Dam


The team fights a bunch of bad guys in the turbine room of a dam in the upfronts preview.

The Ironworks

Kendra & Carter's Apartment [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue about accepting Rip Hunter's proposition and eventually decide to spar to decide in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Professor Stein's Office [2016]

Stein tries to convince Jax to join him but ends up drugging him when that doesn't work in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Vandal Savage's Mansion [1975]

Snart, Rory, and Ray break into a mansion to steal the dagger only to find out it belongs to Vandal Savage in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

Vancouver Film Studios

Helipad [2016]

Ray flies down and helps Oliver Queen fights off some bad guys on a helipad and then tells him about the invitation from Rip Hunter in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Vanishing Point

Rip Hunter tries to convince the Time Masters to give him the resources necessary to stop Vandal Savage in episode #101. Rip and a fellow cadet are put on trial by the Time Council in a flashback in episode #107.

Lindgren Banking Securities [2025]

Darhk and Merlyn bring the memoryless Rip Hunter to recover the contents of his safe deposit box in episode #210 "The Legion of Doom".

Catalyst Paper Corporation

Pittsburgh Chemical Plant [2016]

Firestorm incapacitates a bad guy and then gets into an argument before being captured by Rip Hunter in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Snart & Rory's Hideout [2016]

Leonard Snart and Mick Rory discuss Rip Hunter's offer in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Norwegian Dock [1975]

Vandal Savage gloats to his goons about his stolen nuclear weapon in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Secret Weapons Auction [1975]

The team infiltrates an underworld weapons auction to locate Vandal Savage and get into a spot of trouble in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

Luskavic Labs [1986]

Stein infiltrates the secret lab and learns the truth of Savage's project in episode #104 "White Knight".

657 37th Avenue West

Dr. Boardman's Classroom [1975]

The team visits an expert in Vandal Savage and learn his true identity in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Ivy Town University [1975]

Stein, Sara, and Jax head to the university to borrow Stein's alpha particle tracker from his younger self in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

USC [1967]

The Legends track to the spear to the university where they find Rip Hunter shooting a movie about them with George Lucas. After Darhk and Merlyn attack the team must convince Lucas not to abandon filmmaking to save the future in episode #209 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park)

St. Roch Field [1975]

The time ship lands in a field in 1975, and later it is attacked by the bounty hunter in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

5255 Heather Street

St. Roch University [1975]

Rip Hunter, Dr. Stein, Kendra, and Carter walk to the university where they are looking for answers in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Marty's Lab [1975]

Sara, Jax, and Stein toke up with a young Stein and then steal his prototype in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

1133 Melville Street

Rooftop [2016]

Rip Hunter briefs his kidnapped team members about what he wants their help with in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1". Jax returns from the future and visits Stein the day before they depart to request help in returning to the future in episode #115 "Destiny".

Vandal Savage's Lab (interior) [1975]

Vandal Savage brings the device from the A.T.O.M. suit and orders his scientists to reverse-engineer it in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

Victory Square

London Park [2166]

Vandal Savage walks through a bombed out London and kills Rip Hunter's wife and son in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Source: YVRShoots

Empty Lot off West Waterfront Road

Meeting Location [2016]

The gang all meets in an empty lot and are greeted by Rip Hunter with his time ship in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main)

St. Roch Street [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue after rescuing someone and are then captured by Rip Hunter in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Central City Street [2016]

Mick Rory and Leonard Snart are captured by Rip Hunter while driving away from the police in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

The Bourbon

St. Roch Bar [1975]

Sara, Rory, and Snart go drinking at a bar and end up getting into a brawl in episode #101 "Pilot, Part 1".

Source: Anonymous on Tumblr

Deer Lake Dock (Deer Lake Park)

Nuked Island [1975]

Firestorm lands the nuclear bomb on a remote island and sucks up its explosive power in episode #102 "Pilot, Part 2".

Queen Elizabeth Park

Funeral [1975]

The team mourns Carter Hall in episode #103 "Blood Ties".

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Greyhill Building (interior) [1975]

Sara and Hunter attend an event hosted by Vandal Savage in an attempt to recover Carter's body in episode #103 "Blood Ties".

Les Falies Bergère [1942]

The Legends infiltrate a Nazi-controlled bar after learning that the JSA is in danger in episode #202 "The Justice Society of America".

White House [1987]

The Legends infiltrate the White House with a tour group to figure out the time traveler's meddling on to see Damian Darhk is involved in episode #205 "Compromised".

The Electra Building

Brümberg Bank [1975]

Hunter and Sara head to the bank that holds Vandal Savage's money and get into a fight in episode #103 "Blood Ties".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Koshmar Gulag (torture chamber) [1986]

Dr. Stein is thrown into a holding cell at Savage's base in episode #104 "White Knights". He is interrogates while Ray & Rory are tortured in episode #105 "Fail-Safe".

Pacific Central Station

Bolshoi Theater [1986]

Ray tries to seduce Valentina Vostok at the ballet into giving up her secret project in episode #104 "White Knights".

Thornton Park

Park near Valentina's Apartment [1986]

Snart walks Valentina Vostok back to her apartment and steals her keycard in episode #104 "White Knights".

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Pentagon [1986]

The team infiltrates the Pentagon to steal secret documents on Savage's defection to the USSR in episode #104 "White Knights".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Bratva Steam Room [1986]

Rip, Snart, and Sara attempt to gain the assistance of the Bratva in breaking into the prison in episode #105 "Fail-Safe".

Koshmar Gulag [1986]

The team infiltrates the gulag where Stein, Ray, and Rory are being held in episode #105 "Fail-Safe".

Harmony Falls Sheriff's Department (exterior) [1958]

Snart and Rip head to the local sheriff's department to discuss the murders in episode #108 "Night of the Hawk".

NYC Street [1942]

The Legends are heading back to the ship when they are confronted by the Justice Society of America in episode #201 "Out of Time". The Legends end up fighting and are captured by the JSA in episode #102 "The Justice Society of America".

Nazi Bunker [1942]

Ray & Amaya are captured and held by Baron Krieger in episode #202 "The Justice Society of America".

Union Station [1927]

The Legends search the train station for signs of the adoration where Nate spots Eliot Ness who is taken away by two police officers in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Bureau of Prohibition [1927]

Nate poses as Eliot Ness to gain the help of the U.S. Marshals to search for Al Capone's ledger in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Smuggling Tunnels [1927]

Sara and Stein wake up to find themselves strapped to chairs in a basement where they are asked about the amulet in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Star City Streets [2047]

The team crash lands in the ruins of Star City in episode #105 "Fail-Safe". The have to fight their way through the mobs and against Grant Wilson in episode #106 "Star City 2046".

Tunnels (Riverview Hospital)

Koshmar Gulag (tunnels) [1986]

Snart wheels Sara through the prison on a stretcher in episode #105 "Fail-Safe".

Canada Post Main Office

Abandoned Building [2046]

Sara, Rip, and the new Green Arrow catch their breath in a warehouse after escaping Deathstroke in episode #106 "Star City 2046".

Smoak Technologies [2046]

Connor, Sara, and Rip search the Smoak Technologies warehouse for the part they need to fix the ship in episode #106 "Star City 2046".

Central City Rooftop [2016]

The teams assemble on a roof near S.T.A.R. Labs to fight the first wave of Dominators and plant the devices created by Stein and his daughter in episode #207 "Invasion!".

North 40 Dog Park

Harmony Falls Street [1958]

A group of kids crash during a drag race and discover a strange meteor in episode #108 "Night of the Hawk". Savage meets with himself and later activates one of the meteors in episode #116 "Legendary".

Source: YVRShoots

Stillwater Camp [1871]

The team raids the gang's camp to capture Stillwater but Jax is captured in the process in episode #111 "The Magnificent Eight".

Ivy Town Street [1950]

Rip and Rory take the baby Martin Stein from his parents in episode #112 "Last Refuge".

Saint-Lô Field [1944]

Kendra briefly escapes from Savage's custody to get a message to the team and they arrive to rescue her and thwart Savage's theft of one of the meteors in episode #116 "Legendary".

Fontainebleau [1942]

The Legends and the JSA team up to steal a mysterious amulet from the nazis and then later they attempt to rescue Ray & Amaya from the bunker in episode #202 "The Justice Society of America".

Mississippi Countryside [1863]

The Legends travel to Mississippi during the Civil War to track down a the crashed pod of a time pirate and stop a zombie outbreak in episode #204 "Abominations".

Liberty Outskirts [1874]

The Legends arrive at the location of a aberration to find Jonah Hex about to be lynched by some goons of Quentin Turnbull in episode #206 "Outlaw Country".

New Jersey [1776]

Rip Hunter pulls a gun on George Washington after being brainwashed by the Legion of Doom in episode #210 "The Legion of Doom". The Legends arrive on Christmas Eve to prevent Washington's death and save America in episode #211 "Turncoat".

Moderne Burger

Malt Shop [1958]

Sara, Stein, and Jax discuss the plan and Jax approaches Betty Seaver at the counter in episode #108 "Night of the Hawk".

Source: YVRShoots

Byrnepark Drive (between Southwynde & Southridge)

Pulled Over [1958]

Jax is pulled over by the Sheriff while Betty is bleeding out in the car and he is kidnapped by the cop in episode #108 "Night of the Hawk".

Valleyview Pavilion (Riverview Hospital)

Harmony Falls Psychiatric Facility [1958]

Stein and Sara take jobs at the local mental hospital to investigate the mysterious murders in episode #108 "Night of the Hawk".

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Hub City University [1960]

Kendra comes to meet Ray at the classroom where he is teaching in episode #109 "Left Behind".

Vanier Park

Hub City Park [1960]

Ray and Kendra are having a picnic in a park when the WaveRider returns in episode #109 "Left Behind".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

Kasnian Corporate Headquarters [2147]

Rip infiltrates the Kasnian board meeting and sees Vandal Savage while Palmer and some others learn about the robots in episode #110 "Progeny".

Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park

Lakeside [2147]

Rip takes Per Degaton outside the Kasnia Conglomerate to kill him in episode #110 "Progeny".

The Parade & Green (PNE)

Savage's Betrayal [2155-ish]

Rip tells the story of Savage murdering Per Degaton several years into the future in episode #110 "Progeny".

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Landing Site [2147]

The team fights off the Kasnian soldiers who are attacking their ship in episode #110 "Progeny".

Walter Hardwick Avenue (between Columbia & Manitoba)

Kasnian Street [2147]

Rip, Snart, and Sara set up an ambush to kidnap Per Degaton in episode #110 "Progeny".

Creekside Walk West

Kasnian Waterfront [2147]

The team walks down the waterfront and sees the robots based on Ray's suit take out a criminal in episode #110 "Progeny".


Salvation [1871]

The team visits the small town of Salvation in the old west and find it being terrorized by a criminal game in episode #111 "The Magnificent Eight".

Liberty, Colorado [1874]

Jonah Hex takes the Legends to the town that has been taken over by Quentin Turnbull and tells them what has been going on in episode #206 "Outlaw Country".

Farm off 53rd Street

Rory House [1990]

Rory watches his house burn while the Pilgrim approaches him in episode #111 "The Magnificent Eight". The team rescues him in episode #112 "Last Refuge".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

Abandoned Time Masters Outpost

S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division [2016]

The assembled superhero teams regroup and plan their next move to fight the Dominators in episode #207 "Invasion!".

Airfield [2016]

Sara, Ray, Barry, and Oliver head to meet the new President but are confronted by the Men in Black instead in episode #207 "Invasion!".

WilMar Estate

The Refuge

The team takes their younger selves to a the place where young Time Masters are raised to keep them safe in episode #112 "Last Refuge".

Surrey City Hall

Bunker (lobby) [2166]

Cassandra trains with some soldiers before being kidnapped by Snart and Rory in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Mountain View Cemetery

Bunker (command center) [2166]

Savage watches the deployment of the Leviathan weapon and later he fights with Kendra in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Robson Square

Savage's Speech [2166]

The team watches Savage give a speech to his troops in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Source: YVRShoots

Burnaby Central Park

Near Rebel Camp [2166]

The team gets surrounded by suspicious rebels while heading to their camp in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Delta Camp [2166]

The rebels come upon the ruins of the other rebel camp in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Empty Lot under Burrard Bridge

Rebel Camp [2166]

Rip, Ray, Jax, & Stein are brought to the rebel camp after being found nearby in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Bloedel Conservatory

Oculus Wellspring (exterior)

The team arrives at the Wellspring only to find their actions have been anticipated and they have to fight through some guards in episode #115 "Destiny".

Canadian Motion Picture Park

London Street [2166]

Savage walks through the street to the park where he will kill Rip's family in episode #115 "Destiny".

Central City Bar (exterior) [2016]

Rip and Ray join Mick after he has talk to Snart for the last time in episode #116 "Legendary".

Film Studio [1967]

Rip Hunter directs a movie based on his time travel exploits in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

North Vancouver Cemetery

Laurel's Grave [2016]

Laurel mourns over her sister's grave with her dad in episode #116 "Legendary".

1090 West Pender (Bentall Centre)

St. Roch Rooftop [2021]

Rip, Kendra, and Carter fight against Savage after he activates one of the meteors in episode #116 "Legendary".

Parking Garage [2016]

Ray chats with Mick about returning to the hero gig in episode #116 "Legendary".

Pier (Vancouver Wharves)

Norwegian Port [1975]

Sara and Firestorm fight Savage after he has activated one of the meteors after his failed nuclear deal in episode #116 "Legendary".

Parking Lot off Crowe Street

Star City Lot [2016]

Rip drops the team back off in 2016 and later they reconvene and summon him back in episode #116 "Legendary".

Vancouver Wharves

Star City Port [2016]

Kendra and Carter say goodbye to the team and then Rex Tyler crashes nearby to warn them about the future in episode #116 "Legendary".

False Creek Energy Centre

Central City Bank [2016]

Mick kills his new partner after a bank job and gets into his getaway car to find Ray has replaced his driver in episode #116 "Legendary".

Hamersley House

Stein House [2016]

Stein spends some time back home with his wife before she convinces him to head back out with the team in episode #116 "Legendary".

Rio Vista

King Louis VIII's Palace [1637]

The Legends work to defend King Louis VIII from assassinations so he can consummate his marriage to Queen Anne in episode #201 "Out of Time".

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC)

Columbia University (exterior) [1942]

Rory, Stein, and Heywood meet Albert Einstein before the party and compel him to reveal Mileva Maric's involvement in his research in episode #201 "Out of Time".

J.S.McMillan Fisheries

Garrett Shipyard [1942]

The Legends attempt to save Mileva Maric and recover the nuke from Darhk in episode #201 "Out of Time".

Martha Piper Plaza (UBC)

Times Square [1942]

The team makes their plan to save Einstein and Sara breaks off from the main ground in episode #201 "Out of Time".

Source: YVRShoots

Woods near Aquarium (Stanley Park)

South Dakota [70,000,000 BCE]

Rory rescues Ray from a dinosaur in episode #201 "Out of Time".

Salem [1693]

Sara is saved by the team before being hanged as a witch in episode #201 "Out of Time".

Stanley Park Pavilion (Stanley Park)

Columbia University (interior) [1942]

From episode #201 "Out of Time".

Overlynn Mansion

JSA Headquarters [1942]

The Legends are taken to the headquarters of the Justice Society of America for interrogation in episode #202 "The Justice Society of America".

Begbie Square

Paris Park [1942]

The Reverse Flash offers the Nazi Baron Krieger his super-serom in episode #202 "The Justice Society of America".

Blieberger Farm

Kansai Region Village [1641]

Ray and Nate get trapped in the the Edo period in Japan and face off against a ruthless ruler in episode #203 "Shogun".

Wellbrook Winery

Collins Plantation (barn) [1863]

Jax is locked up in the barn with several slaves after being caught infiltrating the plantation house in episode #204 "Abominations".

1388 The Crescent

Collins Plantation (house) [1863]

Jax infiltrates a cotillion to steal military plans but is caught in the process in episode #204 "Abominations".

Garden City Park

Georgetown Park [1987]

Ray and Mick stake out Darhk's meeting with the KGB agent in the park which is interrupted by a young Martin Stein in episode #205 "Compromised".

Fraser River Terminal Inc.

Miami Dock [1975]

Eobard Thawne shows up after Darhk is involved in a drug deal gone wrong in episode #205 "Compromised".

Warehouse [1987]

Thawne takes Darhk to a time machine to gain Darhk's assistance through time in episode #205 "Compromised".

J.J. Warehouse

JSA Training Center [1987]

Amaya and Nate head to the JSA training facility in D.C. to get help only to find it long since abandoned in episode #205 "Compromised".

Britannia Mine Museum

Turnbull's Mine [1874]

Ray, Jax, and Nate sneak into the mine and find that Turnbull is mining Dwarf Star Alloy in episode #206 "Outlaw Country".

The Makin Lands

Redmond Field [1951]

Amaya, Rory, and Nate head to where the battle between the army and the Dominators is occurring to capture a specimen only to be captured by government agents in episode #207 "Invasion!".

Britannia Heritage Shipyards

Chicago Shipyard Dock 39 [1927]

Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn arrange a meeting with Al Capone to propose and alliance in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Fraser Shipyard

Delivery Ambush [1927]

Mick and Amaya ambush one of Al Capone's deliveries and hijack the truck in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

West Lawn (Riverview Hospital)

Woods [1927]

Nate and Ray brief the newly awakens Eliot Ness about what has happened and hand him the ledger in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Steveston Paramount Docks

Chicago Shipyard Disposal Dock [1927]

The Legends arrive just in time to prevent the death of Eliot Ness in episode #208 "The Chicago Way".

Vogue Theatre

Vogue Theater [1967]

Darhk and Merlyn walk through Los Angeles on their search for the spear in episode #209 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

East Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Police Garage [1967]

Rip wakes up and freaks out when the Legends get to the parking garage roof but they manage to rescue him when Darhk and Merlyn attack in episode #209 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

Alley (south of Granville, west of Smithe)

Alley [1967]

Merlyn and Darhk steal bikes from a pair of bikers in episode #209 "Raiders of the Lost Art".


Keith Mansion (exterior) [1776]

The Legends head to the home of William Keith to save General Washington and are ambushed by a brainwashed Rip Hunter as they leave in episode #211 "Turncoat".

Lynn Canyon Park

The Great Wood [507]

Ray argues with Nate about history vs. legends when they come upon Guinevere and the knights of the round table in the woods in episode #212 "Camelot/3000".

West Burnaby United Church

Camelot [507]

The Legends head to King Arthur's court where they find Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl who is protecting a piece of the spear in episode #212 "Camelot/3000".