Legends of Tomorrow Filming Locations

Rip Hunter, a Time Master from the year 2166, recruits an unlikely band of heroes to help him stop the immortal warlord Vandal Savage from taking over the world.

Part of the DC Universe
Legends of Tomorrow was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU)


Oliver Queen and Barry Allen talk to the team and introduce them to Rip Hunter on a rooftop in the upfronts preview.

Stave Falls Dam


The team fights a bunch of bad guys in the turbine room of a dam in the upfronts preview.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Professor Stein's Office [2016]

Stein tries to convince Jax to join him but ends up drugging him when that doesn't work in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Vandal Savage's Mansion [1975]

Snart, Rory, and Ray break into a mansion to steal the dagger only to find out it belongs to Vandal Savage in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

The Ironworks

Kendra & Carter's Apartment [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue about accepting Rip Hunter's proposition and eventually decide to spar to decide in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Memphis Bar [1954]

Amaya and Nate head to a local bar to deliver the replacement guitar but when Elvis tries to play with it he flops in episode 3x14 "Amazing Grace".

Music Shop [1950]

A young Elvis Presley walks into a music store to purchase his first guitar and ends up buying one that the shopkeeper says is cursed in episode 3x14 "Amazing Grace".

Mari's Apartment [2018]

Kuasa accompanies Nate and Wally to discuss how to protect Mari in episode 3x16 "I, Ava".

Constantine's Apartment (interior) [2018]

Constantine remembers his good times with Des and later he returns to break them up before they can fall in love in episode 4x07 "Hell No, Dolly!".

Victory Square

London Park [2166]

Vandal Savage walks through a bombed out London and kills Rip Hunter's wife and son in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Source: YVRShoots

Star City Plaza [2020]

Barry finds Sara mourning the loss of the one remaining person who remembers her from before everything in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (UBC)

Vanishing Point

Rip Hunter tries to convince the Time Masters to give him the resources necessary to stop Vandal Savage in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1". Rip and a fellow cadet are put on trial by the Time Council in a flashback in episode 1x07 "Marooned".

Lindgren Banking Securities [2025]

Darhk and Merlyn bring the memoryless Rip Hunter to recover the contents of his safe deposit box in episode 2x10 "The Legion of Doom".

Vancouver Film Studios

Helipad [2016]

Ray flies down and helps Oliver Queen fights off some bad guys on a helipad and then tells him about the invitation from Rip Hunter in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Catalyst Paper Corporation

Pittsburgh Chemical Plant [2016]

Firestorm incapacitates a bad guy and then gets into an argument before being captured by Rip Hunter in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Snart & Rory's Hideout [2016]

Leonard Snart and Mick Rory discuss Rip Hunter's offer in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Norwegian Dock [1975]

Vandal Savage gloats to his goons about his stolen nuclear weapon in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Secret Weapons Auction [1975]

The team infiltrates an underworld weapons auction to locate Vandal Savage and get into a spot of trouble in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

Luskavic Labs [1986]

Stein infiltrates the secret lab and learns the truth of Savage's project in episode 1x04 "White Knights".

Sirens of Spacetime [Unknown]

Sara, Ava, and Gideon fight off vampires and several other magical fugitives as the Sirens of Spacetime in episode 4x08 "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".

Custodians of Chronology [Unknown]

Nate, Mick, Ray, and Garima kill various magical fugitives as the Custodians of Chronology in episode 4x08 "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".

5255 Heather Street

St. Roch University [1975]

Rip Hunter, Dr. Stein, Kendra, and Carter walk to the university where they are looking for answers in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Marty's Lab [1975]

Sara, Jax, and Stein toke up with a young Stein and then steal his prototype in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

Walter Reed Medical Center (exterior) [1973]

The Legends steal a camper from outside the hospital and run off with Nixon in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

657 37th Avenue West

Dr. Boardman's Classroom [1975]

The team visits an expert in Vandal Savage and learn his true identity in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Ivy Town University [1975]

Stein, Sara, and Jax head to the university to borrow Stein's alpha particle tracker from his younger self in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

USC [1967]

The Legends track to the spear to the university where they find Rip Hunter shooting a movie about them with George Lucas. After Darhk and Merlyn attack the team must convince Lucas not to abandon filmmaking to save the future in episode 2x09 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

Ivy Town Rec Center [1988]

Young Ray runs through the government lab setup in an old building and ends up getting killed in episode 3x04 "Phone Home".

Ivy Ridge Middle School [1988]

Zari and Ray watch the school for young Ray and later Sara searches for Ray before being attacked by the Dominator in episode 3x04 "Phone Home".

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main)

St. Roch Street [2016]

Kendra and Carter argue after rescuing someone and are then captured by Rip Hunter in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Central City Street [2016]

Mick Rory and Leonard Snart are captured by Rip Hunter while driving away from the police in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park)

St. Roch Field [1975]

The time ship lands in a field in 1975, and later it is attacked by the bounty hunter in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Zari's Sanctuary [2042]

Ray finds Zari in the ruins of the place where she was supposed to meet the rest of her family in episode 3x03 "Zari".


The Bourbon

St. Roch Bar [1975]

Sara, Rory, and Snart go drinking at a bar and end up getting into a brawl in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1".

Source: Anonymous on Tumblr

1133 Melville Street

Rooftop [2016]

Rip Hunter briefs his kidnapped team members about what he wants their help with in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1". Jax returns from the future and visits Stein the day before they depart to request help in returning to the future in episode 1x15 "Destiny".

Vandal Savage's Lab (interior) [1975]

Vandal Savage brings the device from the A.T.O.M. suit and orders his scientists to reverse-engineer it in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

Empty Lot off West Waterfront Road

Gardner Pier [2016/2020]

The gang all meets in an empty lot and are greeted by Rip Hunter with his time ship in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 1". The heroes gather to face off against the Anti-Monitor and his shadow army to give the nerd crew time to create their shrinking device in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".

Deer Lake Dock (Deer Lake Park)

Nuked Island [1975]

Firestorm lands the nuclear bomb on a remote island and sucks up its explosive power in pilot episode "Pilot, Part 2".

Queen Elizabeth Park

Funeral [1975]

The team mourns Carter Hall in episode 1x03 "Blood Ties".

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Greyhill Building (interior) [1975]

Sara and Hunter attend an event hosted by Vandal Savage in an attempt to recover Carter's body in episode 1x03 "Blood Ties".

Les Falies Bergère [1942]

The Legends infiltrate a Nazi-controlled bar after learning that the JSA is in danger in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

White House [1987]

The Legends infiltrate the White House with a tour group to figure out the time traveler's meddling on to see Damian Darhk is involved in episode 2x05 "Compromised".

RomantiCon [2019]

Mick trains Charlie to pose as Rebecca Silver for her big debut but their plan is thwarted when superfan Mona shows up in episode 4x13 "Egg MacGuffin".

Astra's Club [Hell]

Constantine pays Astra a visit in an attempt to convince her to stop sending evil soul's back to Earth in episode 5x03 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me".

The Electra Building

Brümberg Bank [1975]

Hunter and Sara head to the bank that holds Vandal Savage's money and get into a fight in episode 1x03 "Blood Ties".

Pacific Central Station

Bolshoi Theater [1986]

Ray tries to seduce Valentina Vostok at the ballet into giving up her secret project in episode 1x04 "White Knights".


Thornton Park

Park near Valentina's Apartment [1986]

Snart walks Valentina Vostok back to her apartment and steals her keycard in episode 1x04 "White Knights".

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Pentagon [1986]

The team infiltrates the Pentagon to steal secret documents on Savage's defection to the USSR in episode 1x04 "White Knights".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Bratva Steam Room [1986]

Rip, Snart, and Sara attempt to gain the assistance of the Bratva in breaking into the prison in episode 1x05 "Fail-Safe".

Koshmar Gulag [1986]

Dr. Stein is thrown into a holding cell at Savage's base in episode 1x04 "White Knights". The team infiltrates the gulag where Stein, Ray, and Rory are being held in episode 1x05 "Fail-Safe".

Harmony Falls Sheriff's Department (exterior) [1958]

Snart and Rip head to the local sheriff's department to discuss the murders in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk".

NYC Street [1942]

The Legends are heading back to the ship when they are confronted by the Justice Society of America in episode 2x01 "Out of Time". The Legends end up fighting and are captured by the JSA in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Nazi Bunker [1942]

Ray & Amaya are captured and held by Baron Krieger in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Union Station [1927]

The Legends search the train station for signs of the adoration where Nate spots Eliot Ness who is taken away by two police officers in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Bureau of Prohibition [1927]

Nate poses as Eliot Ness to gain the help of the U.S. Marshals to search for Al Capone's ledger in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Smuggling Tunnels [1927]

Sara and Stein wake up to find themselves strapped to chairs in a basement where they are asked about the amulet in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Sumner Asylum (interior) [1967/2017]

Constantine attempt to exorcise a demon from a young girl but it turns out to be more than he can handle so he returns with the Legends to help in episode 3x10 "Daddy Darhkest".

Rasputin's Manor (exterior) [1917]

Nate and Ray go to try to stop Rasputing from killing Yusupov but they are too late in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

New York Apartment [2020]

Constantine and Gary go to deal with a possessed kid but Constantine realizes he knows the demon in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Central Police Station [1947]

Ray continues posing as a police officer to follow Bugsy and sees him being treated like royalty by the police captain in episode 5x03 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me".

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Star City Streets [2046]

The team crash lands in the ruins of Star City in episode 1x05 "Fail-Safe". The have to fight their way through the mobs and against Grant Wilson in episode 1x06 "Star City 2046".

Streets of Paris [1927]

Nate is trying to find his way back to the Waverider when he runs into Charlie and then the Fitzgeralds who have heard of the monster in episode 4x06 "Tender Is the Nate".

Rue Royal [1856/2018]

Zari, Charlie, and Constantine are walking down the street when Constantine is kidnapped by a man with a strange purple powder in episode 4x07 "Hell No, Dolly!".

Canada Post Main Office

Abandoned Building [2046]

Sara, Rip, and the new Green Arrow catch their breath in a warehouse after escaping Deathstroke in episode 1x06 "Star City 2046".

Smoak Technologies [2046]

Connor, Sara, and Rip search the Smoak Technologies warehouse for the part they need to fix the ship in episode 1x06 "Star City 2046".

Central City Rooftop [2016]

The teams assemble on a roof near S.T.A.R. Labs to fight the first wave of Dominators and plant the devices created by Stein and his daughter in episode 2x07 "Invasion!".

North 40 Dog Park

Harmony Falls Street [1958]

A group of kids crash during a drag race and discover a strange meteor in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk". Savage meets with himself and later activates one of the meteors in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

Source: YVRShoots

Stillwater Camp [1871]

The team raids the gang's camp to capture Stillwater but Jax is captured in the process in episode 1x11 "The Magnificent Eight".

Ivy Town Street [1950]

Rip and Rory take the baby Martin Stein from his parents in episode 1x12 "Last Refuge".

Saint-Lô Field [1944]

Kendra briefly escapes from Savage's custody to get a message to the team and they arrive to rescue her and thwart Savage's theft of one of the meteors in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

Fontainebleau [1942]

The Legends and the JSA team up to steal a mysterious amulet from the nazis and then later they attempt to rescue Ray & Amaya from the bunker in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Mississippi Countryside [1863]

The Legends travel to Mississippi during the Civil War to track down a the crashed pod of a time pirate and stop a zombie outbreak in episode 2x04 "Abominations".

Liberty Outskirts [1874]

The Legends arrive at the location of a aberration to find Jonah Hex about to be lynched by some goons of Quentin Turnbull in episode 2x06 "Outlaw Country".

New Jersey [1776]

Rip Hunter pulls a gun on George Washington after being brainwashed by the Legion of Doom in episode 2x10 "The Legion of Doom". The Legends arrive on Christmas Eve to prevent Washington's death and save America in episode 2x11 "Turncoat".

Zambesi Village [1942/1992]

Amaya uses her powers to defeat a group of people trying to take her village in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con". Amaya returns to her homeland to stop the destruction of her village in episode 3x17 "Guest Starring John Noble". The Legends try to stop Mallus using the Totems but find themselves powerless against him in episode 3x18 "The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly".

Salem Village [1692]

The team searches for the magical fugitive as the arrest of Jane Hawthorne for witchcraft triggers an attack by a murder of crows in episode 4x02 "Witch Hunt".

Burnaby Central Park

Near Rebel Camp [2166]

The team gets surrounded by suspicious rebels while heading to their camp in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

Delta Camp [2166]

The rebels come upon the ruins of the other rebel camp in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

South Dakota [69,997,983 BCE]

Amaya, Nate, and Ray head out the the Cretaceous wilderness in search of the missing temporal delineator in episode 2x13 "Land of the Lost".

Carnival of Wonders [1870]

The Legends travel to P.T. Barnum's carnival to identify and fix the anachronism in episode 3x02 "Freakshow".

Pond [Unknown]

A strange hooded figure raises Kuasa from a pond in episode 3x02 "Freakshow".

Stone's Hollow [1897]

The Legends visit the cemetery where the vampire was buried and find an empty grave in episode 3x05 "Return of the Mack".

Vinland Forest [1000]

Young Stein lands in the woods and finds himself being chased by a gang of Vikings in episode 3x09 "Beebo the God of War".

Central City Field [1992]

Jax drops Stein back off in 1992 and gives him a letter to open in the future in episode 3x09 "Beebo the God of War".

Woods near Woodstock [1969]

Ray and Zari discover a body missing a heart in the woods and later the whole team assembles with a shirtless Gary to lure and banish the unicorn in episode 4x01 "The Virgin Gary".

Harmony Falls Field [1958]

Sara, Ray, and Kendra are returning to the Waverider when it takes off and leaves them behind in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk". The three Legends that were left behind discuss what to do next in episode 1x09 "Left Behind".

Swamp Thaaaang [1996]

Sara and Ava watch a terrible 90s horror film where two camp councilors are attacked beside a lake in episode 4x04 "Wet Hot American Bummer".

Camp Ogawa (forest) [1995]

Constantine sets up a protective circle around the camp while Ray is teaching the campers how to track through the woods and later Ava & Sara go after the shtriga in episode 4x04 "Wet Hot American Bummer".

Salem Woods [1692]

Charlie and Constantine return to Salem to save the boys from the fairy godmother in episode 4x08 "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".

Jogging Path [2020]

Ray gets suspicious looks from people as he is out jogging for his evil past in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Tsarskoye Selo Cemetery [1917]

The Legends attend Rasputin's funeral with the film crew and see him burst from his coffin in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Moderne Burger

Malt Shop [1958]

Sara, Stein, and Jax discuss the plan and Jax approaches Betty Seaver at the counter in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk".

Source: YVRShoots

Byrnepark Drive (between Southwynde & Southridge)

Pulled Over [1958]

Jax is pulled over by the Sheriff while Betty is bleeding out in the car and he is kidnapped by the cop in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk".

Valleyview Pavilion (Riverview Hospital)

Harmony Falls Psychiatric Facility [1958]

Stein and Sara take jobs at the local mental hospital to investigate the mysterious murders in episode 1x08 "Night of the Hawk".

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Hub City University [1960]

Kendra comes to meet Ray at the classroom where he is teaching in episode 1x09 "Left Behind".

Vanier Park

Hub City Park [1960]

Ray and Kendra are having a picnic in a park when the Waverider returns in episode 1x09 "Left Behind".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

Kasnian Corporate Headquarters [2147]

Rip infiltrates the Kasnian board meeting and sees Vandal Savage while Palmer and some others learn about the robots in episode 1x10 "Progeny".

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Landing Site [2147]

The team fights off the Kasnian soldiers who are attacking their ship in episode 1x10 "Progeny".


The Parade & Green (PNE)

Savage's Betrayal [2155-ish]

Rip tells the story of Savage murdering Per Degaton several years into the future in episode 1x10 "Progeny".


Fraser Foreshore Fitness Circuit (Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park)

Lakeside [2147]

Rip takes Per Degaton outside the Kasnia Conglomerate to kill him in episode 1x10 "Progeny".

Creekside Walk West

Kasnian Waterfront [2147]

The team walks down the waterfront and sees the robots based on Ray's suit take out a criminal in episode 1x10 "Progeny".

Walter Hardwick Avenue (between Columbia & Manitoba)

Kasnian Street [2147]

Rip, Snart, and Sara set up an ambush to kidnap Per Degaton in episode 1x10 "Progeny".



Salvation [1871]

The team visits the small town of Salvation in the old west and find it being terrorized by a criminal game in episode 1x11 "The Magnificent Eight".

Liberty, Colorado [1874]

Jonah Hex takes the Legends to the town that has been taken over by Quentin Turnbull and tells them what has been going on in episode 2x06 "Outlaw Country".

Farm (off 53rd Street)

Rory House [1990]

Rory watches his house burn while the Pilgrim approaches him in episode 1x11 "The Magnificent Eight". The team rescues Rory from the Pilgrim in episode 1x12 "Last Refuge".


WilMar Estate

The Refuge

The team takes their younger selves to a the place where young Time Masters are raised to keep them safe in episode 1x12 "Last Refuge".

7616 Montreal Street (YDT)

Abandoned Time Masters Outpost

The Legends face off against the Pilgrim in an abandoned facility in episode 1x12 "Last Refuge".

S.T.A.R. Labs Reactor Facility [2017]

Jax supervises Stein as he works on a reactor for Thawne. Later the Legends head to the facility to stop Thawne from destroying the spear in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".

Ava Corporation [2213]

Sara and the team investigate the company that produces the clones and are interrupted by the arrival of the real Ava in episode 3x16 "I, Ava".

Surrey City Hall

Bunker (lobby) [2166]

Cassandra trains with some soldiers before being kidnapped by Snart and Rory in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

Capitol Building [2019]

Neron talks to congress about the magical creature threat as Ray and then uses Zari to fake a monster attack to create fear in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".


Mountain View Cemetery

Bunker (command center) [2166]

Savage watches the deployment of the Leviathan weapon and later he fights with Kendra in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

Central City Cemetery [2017]

Jax gives the eulogy at Martin Stein's funeral in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4".

Elysian Fields Cemetery [1947]

Constantine and Jeanie Hill head to the cemetery find Bugsy's blackmail material hidden in a tombstone but Jeanie betrays Constantine and takes the photographs for herself in episode 5x03 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me".

Robson Square

Savage's Speech [2166]

The team watches Savage give a speech to his troops in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

Source: YVRShoots

Empty Lot under Burrard Bridge

Rebel Camp [2166]

Rip, Ray, Jax, & Stein are brought to the rebel camp after being found nearby in episode 1x13 "Leviathan".

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Oculus Wellspring (exterior)

The team arrives at the Wellspring only to find their actions have been anticipated and they have to fight through some guards in episode 1x15 "Destiny".


Canadian Motion Picture Park

London Street [2166]

Savage walks through the street to the park where he will kill Rip's family in episode 1x15 "Destiny".

Central City Bar (exterior) [2016]

Rip and Ray join Mick after he has talk to Snart for the last time in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

Film Studio [1967]

Rip Hunter directs a movie based on his time travel exploits in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Time Bureau [2018]

Director Bennett is killed by Grodd while on a call with Ava and the Legends in episode 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads".

Star City Rooftop [2020]

Kate shows up to the fight much to Kara's excitement in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".

TSZ Footage [2020]

Ray is photographed by the paparazzi getting out of his car in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".


Vancouver Wharves

Star City Port [2016]

Kendra and Carter say goodbye to the team and then Rex Tyler crashes nearby to warn them about the future in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

North Vancouver Cemetery

Laurel's Grave [2016]

Laurel mourns over her sister's grave with her dad in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

1090 West Pender

St. Roch Rooftop [2021]

Rip, Kendra, and Carter fight against Savage after he activates one of the meteors in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

Parking Garage [2016]

Ray chats with Mick about returning to the hero gig in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

Parking Lot (off Crowe Street)

Star City Lot [2016]

Rip drops the team back off in 2016 and later they reconvene and summon him back in episode 1x16 "Legendary".


Pier (Vancouver Wharves)

Norwegian Port [1975]

Sara and Firestorm fight Savage after he has activated one of the meteors after his failed nuclear deal in episode 1x16 "Legendary".

False Creek Energy Centre

Central City Bank [2016]

Mick kills his new partner after a bank job and gets into his getaway car to find Ray has replaced his driver in episode 1x16 "Legendary".


Hamersley House

Stein House [2016]

Stein spends some time back home with his wife before she convinces him to head back out with the team in episode 1x16 "Legendary".


Rio Vista

King Louis VIII's Palace [1637]

The Legends work to defend King Louis VIII from assassinations so he can consummate his marriage to Queen Anne in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Chemistry Building, D-Block (UBC)

Columbia University (exterior) [1942]

Rory, Stein, and Heywood meet Albert Einstein before the party and compel him to reveal Mileva Maric's involvement in his research in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Martha Piper Plaza (UBC)

Times Square [1942]

The team makes their plan to save Einstein and Sara breaks off from the main ground in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Source: YVRShoots

Woods near Aquarium (Stanley Park)

South Dakota [69,997,983 BCE]

Rory rescues Ray from a dinosaur in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Salem [1693]

Sara is saved by the team before being hanged as a witch in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

J.S.McMillan Fisheries

Garrett Shipyard [1942]

The Legends attempt to save Mileva Maric and recover the nuke from Darhk in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Stanley Park Pavilion (Stanley Park)

Columbia University (interior) [1942]

Rip, Stein, and Rory find Einstein at a university party and try to save him from kidnapping in episode 2x01 "Out of Time".

Overlynn Mansion

JSA Headquarters [1942]

The Legends are taken to the headquarters of the Justice Society of America for interrogation in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Adventurers' Society [1933]

Zari and Nate infiltrate the unveiling of Gordon Gilchrist's golden egg and attempt to steal it from the vault in episode 4x13 "Egg MacGuffin".


Begbie Square

Paris Park [1942]

The Reverse Flash offers the Nazi Baron Krieger his super-serom in episode 2x02 "The Justice Society of America".

Blieberger Farm

Kansai Region Village [1641]

Ray and Nate get trapped in the the Edo period in Japan and face off against a ruthless ruler in episode 2x03 "Shogun".


1388 The Crescent

Collins Plantation (house) [1863]

Jax infiltrates a cotillion to steal military plans but is caught in the process in episode 2x04 "Abominations".

Wellbrook Winery

Collins Plantation (barn) [1863]

Jax is locked up in the barn with several slaves after being caught infiltrating the plantation house in episode 2x04 "Abominations".

Ceremony Chamber [1897]

Rip infiltrates the ceremony to raise Darhk from the dead so he can speak with Mallus in episode 3x05 "Return of the Mack".

Salem Court [1692]

Zari can't sit back and watch during Jane's trial and she uses her powers in a rage in episode 4x02 "Witch Hunt".

Wedding Barn [1802]

Zari and the Legends sing a big Bollywood number while affected by Kamadeva's magic and Zari almost marries him in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".

Heywood Mansion (shed) [2019]

Constantine tricks Mick into being the vessel for Hank's spirit and learns the identity of the demon who killed him in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".


J.J. Warehouse

JSA Training Center [1987]

Amaya and Nate head to the JSA training facility in D.C. to get help only to find it long since abandoned in episode 2x05 "Compromised".


Fraser River Terminal Inc.

Miami Dock [1987]

Eobard Thawne shows up after Darhk is involved in a drug deal gone wrong in episode 2x05 "Compromised". Sara drops Darhk off back in '87 and erases his memories of his time with Thawne in episode 2x17 "Aruba".

Warehouse [1987]

Thawne takes Darhk to a time machine to gain Darhk's assistance through time in episode 2x05 "Compromised".


Garden City Park

Georgetown Park [1987]

Ray and Mick stake out Darhk's meeting with the KGB agent in the park which is interrupted by a young Martin Stein in episode 2x05 "Compromised".

Britannia Mine Museum

Turnbull's Mine [1874]

Ray, Jax, and Nate sneak into the mine and find that Turnbull is mining Dwarf Star Alloy in episode 2x06 "Outlaw Country".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division [2016]

The assembled superhero teams regroup and plan their next move to fight the Dominators in episode 2x07 "Invasion!".

Airfield [2016]

Sara, Ray, Barry, and Oliver head to meet the new President but are confronted by the Men in Black instead in episode 2x07 "Invasion!".

Airbase [1967]

The military greets President Johnson upon his arrival in episode 3x07 "Welcome to the Jungle".

JFK Airport [1964]

The Legends infiltrate the crowd during the Beatles' first arrival in the United States to stop the anachronism of Paul Revere from spoiling history in episode 4x01 "The Virgin Gary".

S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division [2020]

Barry, Sara, and Kara say some words for Oliver at the new memorial and then Barry debuts a fancy new table for future crossovers in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


The Makin Lands

Redmond Field [1951]

Amaya, Rory, and Nate head to where the battle between the army and the Dominators is occurring to capture a specimen only to be captured by government agents in episode 2x07 "Invasion!".

Britannia Heritage Shipyards

Chicago Shipyard Dock 39 [1927]

Thawne, Darhk, and Merlyn arrange a meeting with Al Capone to propose and alliance in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".


Fraser Shipyard

Delivery Ambush [1927]

Mick and Amaya ambush one of Al Capone's deliveries and hijack the truck in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

West Lawn (Riverview Hospital)

Woods [1927]

Nate and Ray brief the newly awakens Eliot Ness about what has happened and hand him the ledger in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".


Steveston Paramount Docks

Chicago Shipyard Disposal Dock [1927]

The Legends arrive just in time to prevent the death of Eliot Ness in episode 2x08 "The Chicago Way".

Vogue Theatre

Vogue Theater [1967]

Darhk and Merlyn walk through Los Angeles on their search for the spear in episode 2x09 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

Alley (south of Granville, west of Smithe)

Alley [1967]

Merlyn and Darhk steal bikes from a pair of bikers in episode 2x09 "Raiders of the Lost Art".

East Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Police Garage [1967]

Rip wakes up and freaks out when the Legends get to the parking garage roof but they manage to rescue him when Darhk and Merlyn attack in episode 2x09 "Raiders of the Lost Art".


Keith Mansion (exterior) [1776]

The Legends head to the home of William Keith to save General Washington and are ambushed by a brainwashed Rip Hunter as they leave in episode 2x11 "Turncoat".

Lynn Canyon Park

The Great Wood [507]

Ray argues with Nate about history vs. legends when they come upon Guinevere and the knights of the round table in the woods in episode 2x12 "Camelot/3000".


West Burnaby United Church

Camelot [507]

The Legends head to King Arthur's court where they find Courtney Whitmore AKA Stargirl who is protecting a piece of the spear in episode 2x12 "Camelot/3000".

Amiens Cathedral [1916]

Tolkien takes the Legends to a church where the remains of the crusader is located in episode 2x15 "Fellowship of the Spear".


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

NASA Flight Operations [1970]

Eobard Thawne, posing as a NASA medical officer, talks to an astronaut who is set to travel on Apollo 13 in episode 2x13 "Land of the Lost". The Legends infiltrate the NASA complex and track down Henry Heywood. Stein and Rory end up watching the events of Apollo 13 from mission control in episode 2x14 "Moonshot".

Oceanic Plaza

Manhattan Plaza [1965]

Rip arrives with a few of the Legends shortly after a younger version of himself dropped of Henry Heywood only to find he has already disappeared into the crowds in episode 2x14 "Moonshot".


Emerald Springs Farm Corporation

Battle of the Somme [1916]

The Legends arrive on the front lines of the battle and search for Tolkien. After recovering the clues about the blood's location they head over the lines to recover the sample in episode 2x15 "Fellowship of the Spear". The Legends return to the battlefield to recover the blood of Christ but are quickly thwarted by Thawne in episode 2x17 "Aruba".

Woodstock [1969]

Three groups of the Legends arrive at Woodstock independently and search for whatever has been ripping the hearts out of hippies in episode 4x01 "The Virgin Gary".

401 West Georgia

Metz Diamond Exchange [2017]

Mick and Snart steal a bunch of diamonds but Mick is disheartened when the police just let them leave in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".


The Eastside Flea

Nate's Mom's Basement [2017]

The gang takes shelter in the basement of Nate's mom's house to plan their next move to return the world to normal in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".


1010 George Street

Chasing Smoak [2017]

Sara and Amaya chase the vigilante Felicity Smoak through a building and capture her for Damien Darhk in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".

Snart's Hideout [2017]

Mick returns to Snart after the Legends leave him behind in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".


Napier Street & George Street

Street [2017]

Sara and Amaya find Jax as he is parking his car and shoot him with memory restoration gun in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".


Trestle Bridge (Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park)

Railroad Bridge [2017]

Mick and Snart take Nate to a deserted road to kill him but Mick has second thoughts in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".

Guinness Tower

Los Angeles Street [2017]

The team leaves the ship to find Los Angeles overrun by dinosaurs in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".

Locarno Beach Park

Aruba-Con [2017]

Mick's relaxation on the beach is interrupted by the appearance of Julias Caesar in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".


9100 Glenlyon Parkway

Central City Coffee Shop [2017]

Nate, Ray, and Sara meet to discuss how to handle Mick's report on Caesar in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".

Time Bureau [2017]

Sara uses a stolen Time Bureau badge to get into the office but the Time Bureau agents react poorly to their arrival in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".

Upswipz [2017]

Ray tries to get his boss at the dating app company where he is working to look at his shrinking tech in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".



Town near Carnival [1870]

Nate, Jax, and Ray go out drinking and Nate draws the attention of P.T. Barnum. Meanwhile, Sara and Amaya hunt for the sabertooth tiger through the woods in episode 3x02 "Freakshow".

Zambesi Village [1942]

Sara visits Amaya's village to convince her to come and help out the team this one time in episode 3x02 "Freakshow".

Salvation [1874]

The Legends take shelter back in Salvation in the hopes that Mallus won't be able to track them down in episode 3x18 "The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly".

Ancient Zambesi [Unknown]

Amaya and Nate have a vision of the ancient Totem bearers trapping Mallus the first time in episode 3x18 "The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly".

Barnet Marine Park

Ivy Town Park [1988]

A young Ray Palmer rides away from a group of bullies and encounters a strange creature when he takes shelter in a pipe in episode 3x03 "Zari".

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

A.R.G.U.S. Black Site [2042]

The Legends break into an A.R.G.U.S. prison with Zari to rescue her brother in episode 3x03 "Zari".

Parking Lot (off Front Street)

Seattle Street [2042]

Kuasa attacks an A.R.G.U.S. prisoner transport and Gary calls the Time Bureau to report the whole thing in episode 3x03 "Zari".


Chelsea Park

Woods behind Neighborhood [1988]

Zari follows young Ray through the woods behind his house to his Camelot hideout in episode 3x04 "Phone Home".


Veterans Park

Newsstand [1988]

Jax and Mick watch as young Ray steals candybars from a newsstand in episode 3x04 "Phone Home".


3982 Pimlico Place

Palmer House [1988]

The team watches young Ray return home and learn the secret he has been hiding in episode 3x04 "Phone Home".

Aberthau Mansion

Coroner's Office [1897]

The Legends go to talk with the coronor while posing as police officers as he is preparing to autopsy the latest body in episode 3x05 "Return of the Mack".

Order of the Shrouded Compass [1897]

Nate is captured and the Legends infiltrate the party to rescue him and find the vampire in episode 3x05 "Return of the Mack".

3760 72 Street

Eddie Rothberg's Mansion [1937]

The Legends attend a swanky Hollywood party to recover Helen of Troy and end up running into Darhk in episode 3x06 "Helen Hunt".

Heywood Mansion [2018]

Nate leads Mick to a house to rob but it turns out to be his parents' home which leads to an awkward encounter with them in episode 4x01 "The Virgin Gary". Ava accompanies Nate to his parents' home for Thanksgiving and he tries to prepare her for all the nonsense in episode 4x05 "Tagumo Attacks!!!". The Legends pay their respects at Hank's memorial and Constantine figures out Hank's spirit is haunting the house in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".

Garden [1802]

Zari dances around with Sanjay after losing her inhibitions and begins a big Bollywood number after he asks her to marry him in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".


Jack Cooper Transport Canada

Warner Bros. Studios (exterior) [1937]

Helen shows up at the studio and ends up in the middle of a picture in episode 3x06 "Helen Hunt".


Panther Paintball

Jungles of Vietnam [1967]

The team heads to the jungle to locate a monster terrorizing both sides in episode 3x07 "Welcome to the Jungle".

Hallelujah Point (Stanley Park)

Central City Waterfront [2017]

Sara and Alex say goodbye before heading off and then everyone gets married in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4".

Under Granville Street Bridge

Battle for Earth-1 [2017]

The heroes battle against their enemies from Earth-X in Central City in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4".

Minaty Bay

Vinland Beach [1000]

Jax and Nate watch the beach where the Vikings have set up their camp in episode 3x09 "Beebo the God of War".

Grace Island [1717]

Blackbeard is burying his treasure on a remote island when is love transforms after donning the Earth Totem. Later he leads Amaya and he new crew to the island only to find Darhk has arrived before them in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".


Toy Traders

Toys Are We [1992]

Young Stein is looking to get a Beebo toy as Hanukkah gift for Lily Stein when he is sucked into a aberration in episode 3x09 "Beebo the God of War".

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Sumner Asylum (exterior) [2017]

Constantine heads into the asylum looking for his patient and later the Legends arrive with Waverider in episode 3x10 "Daddy Darhkest".

East Berlin Safe House [1962]

The young Damien Darhk assassinates Dr. Vogal and then Nora and Ray show up to save him in episode 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads".


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Yunnan Garden [2018]

Wally West is attempt to meditate in a garden in China when Rip Hunter interrupts him asking for help in episode 3x11 "Here I Go Again". Rip talks to Wally and after failing to convince him to save the world they both get drunk in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".

La Terrazza

Star City Restaurant [2018]

Sara and Ava go on their first date and decide to not talk about anything work related in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".


Carrall Street (between Keefer & Expo)

Star City Underpass [2018]

Gary is walking down the street when Wally zips up, steals his Time Watch, and pantses him in episode 3x12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem".

West Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Berlin Wall Checkpoint [1962]

Dr. Vogel drives Ray and Nora up to the checkpoint to the West but their passage is interrupted by both of the Damian Darhks in episode 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Basement [Unknown]

The Darhks hold Ray hostage and torture him for fun & information in episode 3x13 "No Country for Old Dads".

Maternity Ward [2020]

Behrad sneaks in to the maternity ward with the film crew to seem himself as a newborn in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Mona's Office [2020]

Mona wolfs out while aggressively negotiating a book advance for Rebecca Silver in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".


Cloverdale United Church

Memphis Church [1954]

The Legends head to the church where Elvis regularly plays but something happens to Zari's totem when he starts to play in episode 3x14 "Amazing Grace".

Canoe Bridge

Vancouver Waterfront [2213]

The team arrives in the off limits year and finds the world filled with clones of Ava in episode 3x16 "I, Ava".

Heli-One (YDT)

Time Bureau [2018]

Gary takes Sara and Ray to investigate Ava's office for clues on her disappearance in episode 3x16 "I, Ava".

Burnaby City Hall

Occidental College [1979]

Rip requests the Legends help defending a young 'Barry' from Grodd in episode 3x17 "Guest Starring John Noble".


Market Crossing (north of Marine Way)

Parked Car [2018]

Mick breaks into a car and drives off with Nate for a night of mayhem in episode 4x01 "The Virgin Gary".

Bryne Creek Ravine Park

Salem Woods [1692]

The Legends follow Prudence Hawthorne into the woods but the demon affecting the girl that Constantine summons turns out to be her fairy godmother in episode 4x02 "Witch Hunt".

VanDusen Botanical Garden

St. James’ Park [1977]

Ray is taken to the park by The Smell and challenged to steal one of the Queen's corgis for a prank. Later, he returns to the park to report to Mick and show off his sweet tat in episode 4x03 "Dancing Queen".

Pleistocene Jungle [768,000 BCE]

Nate and Gary go hunting a magical anomaly in the distant past but are forced to return early by a saber-toothed tiger in episode 4x03 "Dancing Queen".


The Royal Towers

Liverpool Pub [1977]

Zari follows Constantine to a pub where she finds him drowning his sorrows and talking to his mother who died giving birth to him in episode 4x03 "Dancing Queen".


Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavilion

Camp Ogawa (lake) [1995]

Ava goes down to the lake base on a tip from one of the campers but ends up falling in due to the prank in episode 4x04 "Wet Hot American Bummer".

Steveston Harbour

Tokyo Docks [1951]

Ishiro Honda is filming his movie on the shore when a giant monster emerges from the water in episode 4x05 "Tagumo Attacks!!!".

Casa Mia

First Victim's Home [1856]

Sara, Ray, Mick, and Ava infiltrate a party hosted by the first victim and attempt to identify the cereal killer in episode 4x07 "Hell No, Dolly!".

Blood Alley / Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Carrall)

Constantine's Apartment (exterior) [2018]

Constantine lands outside his apartment and avoids his past self before sneaking inside in episode 4x07 "Hell No, Dolly!". Constantine returns to the alley to smooth things over with Desmond and is followed by Mick and Ray who think he is a magical fugitive in episode 4x08 "Legends of To-Meow-Meow".


Burnaby City Hall - West Building

Time Bureau Headquarters (parking lot) [2018]

Mona is riding into work when some asshole hits her with his car door and then immediately blames her for the damage in episode 4x07 "Hell No, Dolly!".


Rollerland (PNE)

Lucha Libre Arena [1961]

The Legends track Konane's signature to a Lucha Libre match and learn that he has become a very popular wrestler in episode 4x09 "Lucha de Apuestas".


Garden Auditorium (PNE)

Hospital (exterior) [2019]

Mona is running from the hospital when she finds Konane and helps him escape to somewhere in time in episode 4x09 "Lucha de Apuestas".

13275 Colebrook Road

Ice Cream Stop [1973]

While stopped for ice cream, Hank gets a call from Neron who tells him that someone accessed his secure server from the Time Bureau in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

Colebrook Frontage Road

Route 301 [1973]

The Legends drive right into a roadblock but the truth bug causes Nate to give a big speech which changes Hank's mind in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".


Brownsville Pub & RV Park

Daphne's Roadhouse [1973]

Mona stops in for a comfort burger and spies some Time Bureau agents slagging on Konane which makes her very angry in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

14128 Colebrook Road

Rest Stop [1973]

Nate fakes a stomach ache to give himself a chance to warn the team about the roadblock on the interstate in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

Colebrook Road (north between 131a & King George)

I-95 [1973]

The Legends get pulled over for reckless driving which gives away their position to the Time Bureau in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

Colebrook Road Forest Access Road

Billboard [1973]

Constantine uses a spell to disguise the RV allowing them to hide behind a billboard in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".

Rai's Colebrook Farming

Fruit Market [1973]

Hank and Nate stop for sodas and Nate tries to subtly get the information Nora needs to unlock the server from his father in episode 4x10 "The Getaway".


6742 224 Street

Austen House [1802]

Mona and Sara pay a visit to Jane Austen to find out what strangeness has been happening around town in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".

Carriage House [1802]

Zari works her charms on the coachman but soon learns that he is the magical creature they have been tracking in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".

St. Helen's Anglican Church

Bath Church [1802]

The Legends attend a wedding and are surprised when the bride declares her love for her maid and all maner of love hijinks ensue in episode 4x11 "Séance and Sensibility".

Beach Grove Motel

Sleepaway Inn [2019]

Nora's vision leads the team to a motel where Neron has been holding Ava for the past two weeks in episode 4x12 "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe".


Burnaby RCMP Detachment

Time Bureau Headquarters [2019]

Ray walks away from the Time Bureau, has an encounter with an unfriendly pup, and begins whistling Neron's favorite tune in episode 4x12 "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe".

Southlands Development

Heyworld Construction Site [2019]

Nate and Ray visit the construction site for Hank's theme park and finds everyone working off of Nate's childhood drawings in episode 4x12 "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe".

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)

Alley [Hell]

Constantine falls into Hell and lands in a dumpster in the fiery realm in episode 4x14 "Nip/Stuck". A demon watches as Constantine falls into Hell and walks off in episode 4x15 "Terms of Service". Nora crashes into Hell and asks around about Constantine and later Nora, Astra, and Constantine watch Neron's announcement about opening the Gates of Hell in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Street [Hell]

Constantine asks one of the local demons about how to locate a certain soul broker in episode 4x15 "Terms of Service".


The Triumvirate [Hell]

Constantine is taken to the three demons in charge of hell to negotiate for Ray's soul, but is forced to choose between rescuing Ray or Astra in episode 4x15 "Terms of Service".

The Granville Strip

Flesh Factory [Hell]

Constantine searches out a soul broker to help him find Ray but runs into some trouble in episode 4x15 "Terms of Service".


Congregation Beth Israel

PalmerX [2019]

Ray forces Nora to watch his press conference where he announces that monsters are real using Mona as proof in episode 4x15 "Terms of Service".

The Permanent

Soul Exchange [Hell]

Astra talks her way into the vault with Constantine and then Nora knocks out the teller allowing them free reign over the soul tokens in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".

Star City National Bank [2020]

Sargon the Sorcerer is almost finished robbing a bank after summoning Beebo as a distraction but his plan is foiled when Barry and Sara arrive in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


Town Centre Park

Heyworld (grounds) [2019]

Eager families including young Zari's arrive in a fully-formed Heyworld and are ushered to the main tent for the show in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".


The Forum (PNE)

Heyworld (auditorium) [2019]

The Legends put on a show to try and convince people that monsters are okay but they are interrupted by the arrival of Tabitha with the fully-grown dragon intent on spreading fear in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".


Playland Employee Parking Lot (PNE)

Heyworld Construction Site [2019]

Nate uses Brigid's diary to magically summon Heyworld from nothing in episode 4x16 "Hey, World!".

Burrard Dry Dock Pier

National City Pier [2020]

Kara heads out to stop Weather Witch but is surprised by the arrival of Barry and the realization that their two Earths have merged in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main)

Star City Alley [2020]

Sara wakes up confused in the new universe and heads out seeking her friends in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


West Hastings Street (between Nicola & Broughton)

Star City Street [2020]

A giant Beebo terrorizes people on the street and Kara, Barry, and Ray head out with a plan to bring it down in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".

The Paper Hound

The Paper Hound Bookstore [2020]

Mick is signing his latest Rebecca Silver novel when he sees Beebo stomping past in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


The Pipe Shop

Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony [2020]

Nia calls Kara to remind her about the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and Kara is surprised to find an apparently universally beloved Lex Luthor receiving the honor in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


The Butcher & Bullock

Quiz Night [2020]

Sara finds Ray at the quiz night bar but finds out he knows nothing of the previous timeline in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".


Shipping Warehouse (on 18th Street)

Perez Landing [2020]

The battle against the shadow army continues after the Anti-Monitor has grown to enormous size in episode 5x01 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five".

Pier 6 [1997]

Charlie takes on the form of one of the Triad members to infiltrate Genghis Khan's operation where she sees him interrogating a captured detective in episode 5x06 "Mortal Khanbat".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Film Screening [2020]

The audience loves the screening of Meet the Legends but the Legends decide to tank their credibility by saying the whole thing is a hoax in the subsequent Q&A in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Rasputin's Manor (interior) [1917]

The three groups each try to stop Rasputin in their own ways but none of them succeed in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".

Academy Awards Ceremony [2020]

Mick announces the Oscar for best picture in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".


Granville Street (between Nelson & Smithe)

New York Street [2020]

Gary talks to the camera about his new job as Constantine's apprentice in episode 5x02 "Meet the Legends".


Alley (south of Franklin, west of Commercial)

Alley behind Club [1947]

When Sara is trying to get Bugsy alone to kidnap him, they are attacked by a group of mobsters and Sara sees how powerful Bugsy's magical gun really is in episode 5x03 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me".


Federico's Supper Club

Blue Iguana Supper Club [1947]

Ava and Mick set up shop at the bar to keep watch while Sara and Constantine try to find a way to get Bugsy away from his goons in episode 5x03 "Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me".


Templeton Secondary School

Central City High School [1989/2004]

Sara, Ava, and Mick infiltrate 15 year reunion of the Class of '89 to stop the killer from finishing what they started. The rest of the Legends head to the same school for Prom night, 1989, to prevent Freddy Meyers from going down the dark path in the first place in episode 5x04 "Slay Anything".


Old Fire Hall (Riverview Hospital)

Country Road [2004]

The coroner is transport Freddy Meyers' body away from the prison when he is attacked by a telekinetic force in episode 5x04 "Slay Anything".

Vancouver Art Gallery

New York Plaza [2044]

Zari accidentally douses herself in Marie Antionette's perfume causing all of her fans and the gathered media into Zari hungry zombies in episode 5x05 "A Head of Her Time".

Hotel Vancouver

Versailles [1793]

Ava leads the team to the French Revolution and needs Zari's help to gain access to the party where Marie Antionette has returned to life in episode 5x05 "A Head of Her Time".

1745 West 8th Avenue

Hong Kong Garage [1997]

Genghis Khan's gang chases Prince Charles's motorcade into a garage and Behrad looks for a way to stop them but is captured himself in episode 5x06 "Mortal Khanbat".


Clarkson Street & Begbie Street

Cherry Street & Hoi Wang Road [1997]

Behrad sits stuck in traffic near the motorcade route when he sees Genghis Khan and his gang speeding past on their new fleet of scooters in episode 5x06 "Mortal Khanbat".


Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver

Hong Kong Night Market [1997]

Nate patrols outside the teahouse on his scooter and spots the new encore arriving in episode 5x06 "Mortal Khanbat".


254 Osborne Avenue

Ali & Lita's House [2020]

Zari films Mick when he goes to confront the troll only to learn that she is unexpectedly connected to him in episode 5x07 "Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac".