“Suicide Sprints” Filming Locations

Tandy rushes to escape the consequences of her actions while Tyrone searches for revenge against the cop who killed his brother.

Series: Cloak & Dagger Season 1, Episode 2
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Cloak & Dagger episode "Suicide Sprints" was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Alley (south of Roosevelt, west of Canal) as Alley

Detective O'Reilly arrives at the site of the stabbing and looks around for clue.


Saints Peter and Paul Church as St. Teresa's Church

Tandy tries to summon her light dagger again and then packs up all the stuff she stole from the guy she stabbed.


North Robertson Street & St. Bernard Avenue as Street Corner

Liam and Tandy drive away in Liam's truck.


North Robertson Street (between Ursulines & Governor Nicholls) as Driving

Tandy rides through town with Liam on their way to the dry cleaners.


704 North Claiborne Avenue as Detective Connors' Home

Tyrone stakes out Detective Connors' car but ends up falling asleep.


North Robertson Street & St. Bernard Avenue as Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners (exterior)

Liam and Tandy arrive at the laundromat that acts as their fence.


Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners as Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners (interior)

Tandy tries to get some new identification while with Liam but learns it will cost $11,000.


Lusher Charter School as St. Sebastian's Prep (gymnasium)

Tyrone shows up to practice extremely late and is forced to watch the other players be punished for his actions.


Le Pavillon Hotel as Wedding Reception

Tandy and Liam con their way into a wedding reception and plot to steal any available cash.


Carroll Street as Club Ampersand

Detective O'Reilly investigates the club where Tandy picked up Rick.


Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge as Liam's Apartment

Detective O'Reilly stakes out Liam's home and arrests him when he arrives.


Loyola Avenue (between Girod & Julia) as Street

Tandy drives the stolen car through town after dumping Liam.


Crescent City Connection (north) as Bridge

Tandy drives across the river in the car she stole.