“First Light” Filming Locations

Years after being involved in the same tragic accident, two teenagers are reunited by forces beyond their control as they being to develop strange abilities.

Cloak & Dagger episode “First Light” was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

Maestri Bridge as Percy LaVeau Memorial Bridge

Young Tandy watches from the back seat while her father talks on the phone and doesn't pay attention to the road.

Crescent Park as Port of New Orleans

Young Tyrone and his brother try to hide from the police among the containers as the oil rig explodes.

941 Lafayette Street as Roxxon Corp Building (exit)

Tyrone walks out of the building in his bedsheet and sees the police officer who murdered his brother walking past.

Market Street Power Plant as Abandoned Building

Tyrone breaks out of the trunk he appeared inside and interrupts Detective Connors' drug deal and then tries to escape through a nearby building.