“Amor Vincit Omnia” Filming Locations

Everything comes to an end when the cluster enacts a dangerous plan to rescue Wolfgang from the clutches of BPO.

Sense8 episode “Amor Vincit Omnia” was filmed in Paris in France, Naples in Italy, Berlin in Germany, San Francisco in the United States of America, and in Belgium.

244 Rue de Rivoli as Parisian Apartment (interior) [Paris]

The cluster works on their plan while staying together in an apartment looking out at the Eiffel Tower.

10 Rue Talma as Parisian Apartment (rooftop) [Paris]

Nomi finds Amanita sitting on the rooftop and hears about her young dreams about Paris.

Nuits Fauves as Sans Jour [Paris]

Riley and Will meet with an old 'friend' of Riley's to arrange a nightclub to use for the exchange.

Grunewald Tower as Hoy's Tower [Unknown]

The Old Man of Hoy tells Riley that BPO has found him and puts her in contact with Aunt Kirsty and River El-Sadawi.

Institut du Monde Arabe as River El-Sadawi's Office [Paris]

Riley visits with Aunt Kirsty who she new from back in Iceland and is introduced to an important ally who wants her to kill Whispers.

Hoverfly SAM (QSR) as Helipad [Paris]

The BPO team lands in France with Wolfgang and they meet Lila in the hanger just as he is reconnected with the cluster.

Abbaye de Villers as Lacuna [Unknown]

Bodhi brings the cluster to meet with The Mother who tells her about the Lacuna and her own history.

Source: IMDb

Il Bikini Parking Lot as Pullout [Naples]

Wolfgang meets up with Felix, introduces him to Kala and Rajan, and picks up the weapons Felix brought for the mission.

122 Corso Vittorio Emanuele as Lila's Condo [Naples]

Lila connects with Wolfgang and Will as they are approaching Naples and warns them.

Bar Partenopeo as Pizza Restaurant [Naples]

Kala, Rajan, Felix, Wolfgang, and Capheus enjoy some authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo as The Forcella (downstairs) [Naples]

The cluster concocts an ambitions plan with the help of Puck's cluster to assault the building where Lila is holding Whispers.

Palazzo Marigliano as The Forcella (upstairs) [Naples]

The cluster continues their assault of the facility until Kala is shot by Lila.

Piazzetta Grande Archivio as Plaza [Naples]

Will runs and leaves in the car with the cluster at his back to go after Lila and Whispers.

Molo san Vincenzo Helipad as Harbour Helipad [Naples]

Will rushes to stop Lila from escaping with Whispers while Jonas enacts his plan to stop the Chairman.

Eiffel Tower as Eiffel Tower [Paris]

The cluster gathers with their friends and family to celebrate the wedding of Nomi and Amanita.