“You Want a War?” Filming Locations

Sun causes a bit of a ruckus in her pursuit of her brother and one of the other sensates is betrayed.

Series: Sense8 Season 2, Episode 11
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Sense8 episode "You Want a War?" was filmed in Nairobi in Kenya, Chicago in United States of America, Seoul in South Korea, London in United Kingdom, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.
Show Map

푸르지오밸리 (Prugio Valley) as J-Bak Summer Gala [Seoul]

After Sun's brother gives his speech, Detective Mun arrives to arrest him only for Joong-Ki to attack the detective and escape.


U-Haul Work Lofts as Nomi & Amanita's Apartment [San Francisco]

Nomi, Amanita, and Bug help Sun escape the gala and chase her brother across the city.


상동로117번길 & 상동로 (Sangdong Road #117 & Sangdong Road) as Stopped at Light [Seoul]

Joong-Ki is stopped at an intersection when he sees Sun approaching him from behind.


길주로77번길 (Gilju-ro 77beon-gil) as Weaving & Crash [Seoul]

Joong-Ki weaves through traffic to evade Sun and later Sun causes her brother's car to crash and then walks up to him with the piece of rebar.


길주로77번길 (Gilju-ro 77beon-gil Corner) as Turning Corner [Seoul]

Sun chases Joong-Ki around a corner.


길주로77번길 (Gilju-ro 77beon-gil T-Corner) as Near Miss [Seoul]

Joong-Ki plows through an intersection and almost hits several pedestrians crossing the street.


Alley beside 길주로77번길 as Pedestrian Street [Seoul]

After encountering a roadblock, Joong-Ki turns down a pedestrian street and Sun follows him.


상동로117번길 & 상동로 (Sangdong Road #117 & Sangdong Road) as Police Transport Crash [Seoul]

The gang in San Francisco causes a truck to crash into Sun's police transport so she can escape.


Kibera House as Capheus's Home [Nairobi]

Capheus sees four new sensates who attended his speech and later collapses from Wolfgang's torture while he is talking with his mother.


Oricon House as Kala & Rajan's Home [Mumbai]

Kala is ready to tell Rajan the truth when he reveals what has been happening in his own life and asks her to leave for Paris.


Siqueiros Dream as Lito, Hernando, & Dani's Apartment [Mexico City]

Lito collapses in the bathroom as Wolfgang is tortured.


One Indiabulls Centre as Rasal Pharmaceuticals [Mumbai]

Kala puts together a batch of her psy-blockers before catching her flight.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [Nairobi]

Capheus checks in for his flight to London.


Gainsborough Studios as Jonas's Apartment [London]

Jonas is calling in to report the incident at the lab when several of the sensates show up at his door.

Great College Street (between Little College & Abingdon) as Outside BPO [London]

The BPO van pulls out of the garage and is joined by the rest of the cluster driving a stolen police car.

Westminster Bridge as Westminster Bridge [London]

Capheus drives the BPO van carrying the cluster and their hostages across the bridge in front of parliament.