“Back Breaker” Filming Locations

Victory is not what they hoped it would be for our heroes as they hit their low points.

Series: Cloak & Dagger Season 1, Episode 9
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Cloak & Dagger episode "Back Breaker" was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Orleans Street (between Burgundy & Dauphine) as First Marking

Auntie Chantelle sprays out some rum and makes a mark in the middle of the street.


Congo Square as Armstrong Park

Auntie Chantelle makes another mark in the middle of the square.


905 Orleans Street as Third Marking

Auntie Chantelle makes another marking and then notices a Roxxon pipe hidden behind a gate.


Saints Peter and Paul Church as St. Teresa's Church

Tandy brings Liam to her hideout and uses her powers to get inside his hopes once more.


Esplanade Avenue (between Decatur & Peters) as Street

Tyrone argues with his parents about their reaction to the news of Connors' arrest while they head back to the car.


1010 Common Street as Roxxon Gulf

Adina spaces out during a meeting and gets angry over a press release about the drilling operation.


Royal Avenue (between Esplanade & Kerlerc) as Street

Tandy wanders down the street in a daze and Tyrone walking separately sees his own reflection in a puddle of water.


Where Y'Art as Tandy's Reflection

Tandy looks at her reflection in the window of a shop.


219 South Rampart Street Parking as Parking Lot

O'Reilly is treating her injuries back at her car when she hears the call about Fuchs' murderer.