“Colony Collapse” Filming Locations

Tandy and Tyrone face off against their own personal enemies while fighting to stop the Terrors that are spreading across the city from the Roxxon drill sites.

Series: Cloak & Dagger Season 1, Episode 10
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Cloak & Dagger episode "Colony Collapse" was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Second Line Stages as Roxxon Corp

Tandy and Mina intercept Peter Scarborough as he is trying to flee and Tandy uses her powers to break his mind.


1689 St. Thomas Street as Float Warehouse

Tandy and Mina are attacked by the Roxxon fixer and forced into a warehouse when a group of Terrors arrive.


Saints Peter and Paul Church as St. Teresa's Church

Two lovers save the city from a deadly flu outbreak when one sacrifices his life for the other. Back in the present, Evita visits Tandy and Tyrone and tells them about their fate.


Market Street & St. Thomas Street as Abandoned Parade

Tyrone and Tandy get trapped by the Terrors in an alley filled with abandoned parade floats but are rescued by O'Reilly.


River City Venues as Waterfront

O'Reilly returns to her car but is attacked by Connors and thrown into the river after getting exposed to the Roxxon pipeline's contents.


Second Line Stages as Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility

Tyrone and Tandy finally make it to the facility where they can shut off the pipeline but are attacked by Connors before they can go inside.


Champions Square Garage as Superdome

Tandy and Tyrone wake up on the roof of the stadium after saving the city.