“Release the Beast” Filming Locations

Jane tries to call off the hit because of her guilt after seeing violence in her office. Meanwhile, Penelope is transported to a terrible carnival of death and Lila comforts Jenna after she witnessed a murder.

The Purge episode “Release the Beast” was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

Picayune Place as Alley

Jane is walking down an alley when she is attacked and nearly raped before being saved by the Matron Saints.

Energy Centre as 4100 Bank Street (offices)

Jane sees Alison standing over Mark's body covered in blood and desperately tries to call off the hit she took out.

Warren's Corner as Pete the Cop's Cantina

Miguel returns to ask Pete about the nuns who took his sister and Pete directs him to someone who can bring him to them.

Evergreen Supermarket as Super Market

Joe arrives to save someone but freaks out when he finds them already dead.