“Rise Up” Filming Locations

Penelope finds herself under the control of a former boyfriend while Miguel races to get to her Jane discovers she cannot tolerate the Matron Saints' methods and Jenna searches for a way out of the party as things descend further.

The Purge episode “Rise Up” was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

ArtEgg Studios as Henry's Apartment (interior)

Penelope hangs out with Henry in his apartment where he tells her about his parents and talks to her about drugs.

Woodward Warehouse as Henry's Apartment (exterior)

Henry assaults Penelope when she tries to leave and Miguel arrives and nearly kills him.

Algiers Point Condominiums as 336 Park Avenue

Jane stops outside David Ryker's home and heads inside after seeing some wild people driving past.

W.P. Brown House as Stanton Estate (exterior)

Jenna and Rick run away from the mansion as it is being taken over by the anti-NFFA militia.

Source: IMDb

Market Street Power Plant as Empty Lot

Joe comes upon a group of people beating up another guy and he steps out to stop them.