“The Woman Who Fell to Earth” Filming Locations

The arrival of two strange alien artifacts upsets the lives of several South Yorkshire residents as they find themselves in a race to solve the mystery with the mysterious Doctor.

Doctor Who episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” was filmed in Sheffield & Cardiff in the United Kingdom.

36 Shrewsbury Road as Ryan, Grace, & Graham's Home

Ryan & Grace take the Doctor to their home to recover while the others are out looking for clues.

Garth Hill as Hillside above South Yorkshire

Grace & Graham help Ryan to learn to ride his bike but when he gets frustrated he tosses it over the side of the cliff.

Cardiff Central Police Station as Hallamshire Police Station

Ramesh talks to Yasmin on the phone and tells her to stick to the simple stuff during her probationary period and later she comes and asks about strange happenings around the city that evening.

Source: InterCardiff

HTC Plant as SkyLark Construction Site

The Doctor and her new friends head to the construction site where Karl is working as a crane operator to save him from Tim Shaw.

Source: The Star via Bustle