“The Ghost Monument” Filming Locations

The Doctor and her three new companions find themselves trapped on a dangerous and dead planet in the middle of a galaxy-spanning race.

Series: Doctor Who Season 11, Episode 2
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Doctor Who episode "The Ghost Monument" was filmed in Cape Town in South Africa.
Show Map

Atlantis Dunes as Desolation Desert

Ryan and Graham find themselves on the planet after landing with Angstrom and the three of them are forced to run from Epzo's ship as it crashes to the ground.


Macassar Beach Pavilion as Desolation Ruins

The group lands on the far shore and walks up some old ruins where Epzo activates a robotic defense system.


Paarl Rock (Paarl Mountain) as Ghost Monument

The group arrives at the end of the race and the Doctor convinces Angstrom and Epzo to walk into the tent together.