“Hella Duplicitous” Filming Locations

Jane, with her memories reverted to Remy's due to the ZIP poisoning, works to maintain her cover at the FBI while searching out the remnants of Sandstorm.

Blindspot episode “Hella Duplicitous” was filmed in New York in the United States of America, Tokyo in Japan, Paris in France, and Zürich in Switzerland.

J. Gold Build. as Tokyo Tattoo Parlor

Reade watches Akiko as she leaves the tattoo parlor and walks down the street with her bodyguards.

Shiodome City Center as Tokyo Bar

The team prepares to make a deal with Akiko in order to acquire one of Roman's drives from a secure safe.

Hotel Mielparque Tokyo as Tokyo Rooftop

Jane and Rich run from Akiko and her bodyguards to the rooftop where Jane is forced to fight them off with a katana.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim as Paris Plaza

Blake meets with Zapata who tells her to be more aggressive in securing the permanent CEO job at her family's company.

West 134th Street & 12th Avenue as Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Jane is walking beside the bridge when she has a hallucination of Roman that plays on her fears.

11 Waverly Avenue as Meeting Spot

Jane rushes to meet her Sandstorm contact Dolan and convince him to trust her before the FBI arrives.

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 15 as Underground Bank

Reade leads his team in through the front of the secret bank while Jane heads in through the rear and separates from the rest of her team so she can force a guard to open the vault to steal money.

Bellevueplatz as Bellevueplatz

Zapata leaves a voicemail for Reade several months ago when she was in Zurich.