“Blood Memory” Filming Locations

Alex finds herself feeling and acting differently after the memory wipe as she tracks an alien-laced drug that fills people with rage and Kara travels with Nia to her home town for the yearly festival.

Series: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 11
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Supergirl episode "Blood Memory" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

9790 198b Street as Kasnian Military Base

After another training drill, the alternate Supergirl collapses and releases a burst of purple energy while being revived.

20146 100a Avenue as Camper Parking

The blast of purple energy hits the RV that houses, Jerry, his sister Bobbi, and his drug dealing buddy Kevin turning their supply purple.


17861 94th Avenue as ΠΣΜ House

Alex and the DEO respond to a disturbance at a Frat party caused by the two bros on the rage drug.

Il Posto as Parthas Cafe

Kara is interviewing Maeve for her article about the town when she sees some Children of Liberty walking down the street with their alien-sniffing dog.

Parking Lot (at Bridge & 48) as Parking Lot

Jerry and Kevin are beat up by a group of Children of Liberty who steal their rage drug to attack the Parthas Harvest Festival and Bobbi watches before chasing them in the RV.


Martin Road Farm as Parthas Harvest Festival

The town converges for a memorial in place of their usual celebrations which is attacked by the Children of Liberty.