Movies Filmed at 9790 198b Street

9790 198b St, Langley, BC V1M 2X5, Canada
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Harold's Custom Equipment Rentals from Supergirl
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Riverside Calvary Chapel from Supergirl
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20146 100a Avenue from Supergirl
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National City Container Port

A tip from Manchester leads him and Kara to a recently emptied shipping container and Kara has to stop him from beating answers out of a port employee in episode 4x07 “Rather the Fallen Angel”.

Kaznian Military Base

A strange duplicate of Supergirl walks out of the snow and encounters a group of Kaznian soldiers in episode 3x23 “Battles Lost and Won”. After another training drill, the alternate Supergirl collapses and releases a burst of purple energy while being revived in episode 4x11 “Blood Memory”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The House of L

The Kaznian Minister of Defense calls Lex and asks for his help with their new acquisition.

Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?

Lena runs back to the base after the explosion to find Kara safe and sound.

J'onn's Garage

J'onn sends Kara and that guy off on their space adventure in episode 3x09 “Reign”. Winn geeks out over J'onn's spaceship while J'onn is removing the battery needed to recharge the future ship in episode 3x13 “Both Sides Now”. J'onn gives Malefic his car so he can travel to Mars and help the resistance and then gets an unexpected visitor in episode 5x08 “The Wrath of Rama Khan”.


J'onn, Alex, and Brainy race to a sighting of the Phantom fearing that M'gann has gone ahead of them alone in episode 6x03 “Phantom Menaces”.

Kaznian Streets

People march on the streets against the rising risk of nuclear war between Kaznia and Corto-Maltese in episode 6x15 “Hope for Tomorrow”.


William ignores a call from Andrea while waiting for his contact who is close to Lex in episode 6x17 “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”.