“Guilt by Association” Filming Locations

Mercer rushes the murder investigation while Joanna tries to come to terms with her loss.

Burden of Truth episode “Guilt by Association” was filmed in Selkirk, Winnipeg, & Sanford in Canada.

Rancho Relaxo as Billy's Home

Joanna gets herself together before seeing her father's body and later Luna comes by to keep out of the way.

224 Maple Drive as Spence House

Luna prepares breakfast for her mother and the police arrive to take Gerrilyn downtown during their conversation.

Selkirk Food Bank as Millwood Police

The police question various suspects in the murder of David Hanley.

Republic Architecture Inc. as Steadman Lavery

Teddy calls to congratulate Joanna on the case and tells her to take as much time as she needs after hearing about her father's death.

MJ Roofing as Luna & Molly's Apartment

Molly finally answers Luna's calls and apologizes for being so absent.

The Bronze Boot Tavern as The Boot Tavern

Joanna and Billy meet Diane at the bar to discuss the case and Joanna realizes something important.