“Hungry, Cold and Tired” Filming Locations

Luna is sent to jail pending trial after her bail is refused and Joanna searches through the evidence for anything to prove her innocence.

Series: Burden of Truth Season 2, Episode 5
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Burden of Truth episode "Hungry, Cold and Tired" was filmed in Selkirk, Sanford, & Portage la Prairie in Canada.
Show Map

Selkirk Food Bank as Millwood Police

Joanna and Billy try to get in to talk with Luna.


Riverside Grill as Riverside Grill

Taylor talks to her father about her journal which contains a report that may exonerate Luna.


Portage Correctional Centre as Brockstone Detention Centre

Luna is locked up in jail before her trial and gets to know her cellmate.


Rancho Relaxo as Billy's Home

Joanna and Billy go over their case and Billy tries to convince Joanna to keep a plea deal on the table.


Selkirk Inn & Conference Centre as Motel

Joanna visits the motel room with the crime scene photos to walk through Luna's fight.


Selkirk Liquor Mart as Liquor Store

Joanna asks to see security footage of David Hanley from the night of the murder but learns they erase it every night.


On the Rocks Bar & Niteclub as Lord Admiral

Joanna questions the bartender and learns that a woman with a California driver's license was watching the motel that night.