“Manic Street Preacher” Filming Locations

Joanna struggles between her commitment to work and to Luna while Luna's jury selection ends up biased.

Burden of Truth episode “Manic Street Preacher” was filmed in Winnipeg, Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, & Sanford in Canada.

Rancho Relaxo as Billy's Home

Billy calls Joanna to talk about the witness list and jury selection and she recomends he recruit Diane to help.

Fairmont Winnipeg as Ashdown

Joanna meets with Teddy Lavery and she asks her presense at a expansion meeting that evening.

201 Portage as Bel Pisio's

Joanna and Teddy Lavery meet with an investor looking in to invest in Steadman Lavery.

Churchill High School as Millwood High School (front/interior)

Joanna and Billy oversee jury selection and notice the jury is looking extremely white.

Selkirk Food Bank as Millwood Police

Gerrilyn confronts Owen outside the station and asks why he hasn't been to see Luna.