“Restless Energy” Filming Locations

Eight months after the Roxxon incident, Tandy, Tyrone, and O'Reilly are still trying to find their new normals.

Series: Cloak & Dagger Season 2, Episode 1
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Cloak & Dagger episode "Restless Energy" was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

New Orleans Athletic Club as Ballet School (interior)

Tandy works hard at ballet practice and later breaks in to dance at night.


Euphrosine Street & South Broad Street as Street Corner

Tyrone watches a young dealer sell on the corner and then follows the cash after it is picked up by another gang member.


Poe Street (between Andrew Higgins & John Churchill Chase) as Alley

Tyrone walks back to the church with a bag of stolen cash and drugs.


J&P Superette as Corner Store

Tyrone watches his father leave the store with groceries.


603 2nd Street as Mikayla & Jeremy's House

Tandy follows Mikayla to the house she shares with her abusive boyfriend and later breaks in to leave a threatening message.


Boland Marine & Industrial as Gang Warehouse

Tyrone breaks in to steal from another gang but runs into some trouble.


Metropolitan Nightclub as Rougarou

Tandy and Tyrone plant the listening device in the back room of the club and then wait for the gang meetup to be complete.