“Dunkirk” Filming Locations

Something strange washes ashore in Bognor Regis and Peter drives some old timers to the war graves at Dunkirk.

Don't Forget The Driver episode “Dunkirk” was filmed in the United Kingdom & France

Bognor Regis Beach as Beach

Peter looks down at the strange thing on the beach but can't bring himself to approach it. Later, he spots the police surrounding the area.

Bognor Regis Town Hall as Bognor Regis Town Hall

Peter and Squeaky Dave pick up their passengers in the morning and drop them off in the evening.

8 Shorecroft as Leanne's Home

Kayla checks in on her grandmother but finds the house empty.

Auchan CALAIS as French Supermarket

Peter and Squeaky Dave give their passengers a chance to take advantage of the french shops before heading back across to England.

9 Shorecroft as Parish's Home

Kayla heads to her grandmother's neighbor's house and finds them keeping an eye on her.

Bognor Pier Leisure as Bognor Pier

Kayla and Bradley sit on the edge of the pier chatting while watching the police down below.

The Lamb Inn as The Lamb Inn

Squeaky Dave joins Fran and her son at the pub after work.