“The Donkey Sanctuary” Filming Locations

Peter drives a group of baptists for a celebration of the donkey with an unexpected passenger and Kayla starts at her new job.

Don't Forget The Driver episode “The Donkey Sanctuary” was filmed in the United Kingdom

Bognor Regis Beach as Beach

Peter has a dream that it was his own body that washed up on the beach.

8 Shorecroft as Leanne's Home

Peter tries to explain to his mother that it was her other son that ordered too many bed pads.

The Esplanade & Waterloo Square as Intersection

Peter gets distracted at the intersection when he sees the stowaway and nearly gets into a fight with a much bigger man from the car behind him.

Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary as Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary

Peter lets the Baptists off at the donkey farm and finds a sandwich for his unexpected passenger.