“Séance and Sensibility” Filming Locations

A strange presence haunts Hank's funeral while a fugitive causes Jane Austin to stop writing novels.

Legends of Tomorrow episode “Séance and Sensibility” was filmed in Delta, Surrey, & Langley in Canada.

3760 72 Street as Heywood Mansion [2018]

The Legends pay their respects at Hank's memorial and Constantine figures out Hank's spirit is haunting the house.

6742 224 Street as Austen House [1802]

Mona and Sara pay a visit to Jane Austen to find out what strangeness has been happening around town.

6742 224 Street as Carriage House [1802]

Zari works her charms on the coachman but soon learns that he is the magical creature they have been tracking.

3760 72 Street as Garden [1802]

Zari dances around with Sanjay after losing her inhibitions and begins a big Bollywood number after he asks her to marry him.

Wellbrook Winery as Wedding Barn [1802]

Zari and the Legends sing a big Bollywood number while affected by Kamadeva's magic and Zari almost marries him.

Wellbrook Winery as Heywood Mansion (shed) [2019]

Constantine tricks Mick into being the vessel for Hank's spirit and learns the identity of the demon who killed him.