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3600 72 St, Delta, BC V4K 3N2, Canada
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Sandiacre Estate from Psych and 2 other movies.
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Willows Estate from Psych
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Boundary Bay Regional Airport from Psych and 21 other movies.
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Bertinelli Mansion

Mia talks to Bianca's adopted family while Dinah sneaks inside to plant bugs and Laurel keeps watch in episode 8x09 “Green Arrow & the Canaries”.

Legends of Tomorrow

Eddie Rothberg's Mansion [1937]

The Legends attend a swanky Hollywood party to recover Helen of Troy and end up running into Darhk in episode 3x06 “Helen Hunt”.

Heywood Mansion [2018]

Nate leads Mick to a house to rob but it turns out to be his parents' home which leads to an awkward encounter with them in episode 4x01 “The Virgin Gary”. Ava accompanies Nate to his parents' home for Thanksgiving and he tries to prepare her for all the nonsense in episode 4x05 “Tagumo Attacks!!!”. The Legends pay their respects at Hank's memorial and Constantine figures out Hank's spirit is haunting the house in episode 4x11 “Séance and Sensibility”.

Garden [1802]

Zari dances around with Sanjay after losing her inhibitions and begins a big Bollywood number after he asks her to marry him in episode 4x11 “Séance and Sensibility”.


Safiyah's Villa

Alice and Safiyah verbally spar as Alice accuses her of killing Kate in episode 2x03 “Bat Girl Magic!”. Alice recovers a memory of meeting Ocean for the first time on Coryana in episode 2x04 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”. Ocean and Alice both remember new memories from their time together on Coryana in episode 2x05 “Gore on Canvas”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Do Not Resuscitate

Safiyah takes a call from Alice about Ocean and her past.

It's Best You Stop Digging

Alice meets Safiyah and Tatiana for the first time, is introduced to Ocean, and learns the story of the Desert Rose.

Survived Much Worse

Alice presents the fake body of Ocean to Safiyah.