“The Outpost” Filming Locations

Mating season has arrived for the mermaids leading Maddie to investigate their long infertility while Beth comes for Levi.

Series: Siren Season 2, Episode 13
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Siren episode "The Outpost" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Queens Street Plaza as Plaza

Ian Sutton has his producer examine the footage from the rig sabotage to determine its authenticity.

2120 Vintner Street as Office of Naval Intelligence

Ian Sutton watches Maddie and Ryn head inside the lab where they hope to test Ryn's blood for clues on the infertility.

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Reed Point Marina as Bristol Cove Marine Research Center

Ben runs into Ian Sutton while leaving with Levi and Sutton asks about the video.


Clarke Street (between Queens & Kyle) as Street

Ben talks to Levi about mating season while driving to Helen's house.


2190 King Albert Avenue as Beth Marzdan's Home

Helen finds a key to get into Beth's house with Rick but they don't find Levi.