Siren Filming Locations

Siren was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

Vivio Flower Gallery

Helen's Antiquities

From episode 1x01 "The Mermaid Discovery". Ryn runs out of the store after hearing the signal and later Maddie, Ben, and Ryn bring the new mermaid they saved to see Helen in episode 2x01 "The Arrival".


Reed Point Marina

Bristol Cove Marine Research Center

From episode 1x01 "The Mermaid Discovery". Maddie notices the sea lions acting strangely at the docks and later they notice all the fish swimming towards shore in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Maddie opens up the old warehouse for the mermaids to use and later Ben answers some questions from the reporter in episode 2x03 "Natural Order". Ryn and Maddie find a disturbance at the center and later Ben heads off with Levi in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water".

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park)


Ben offers his parents' cabin up to the newly arrived mermaids until they can return to the ocean in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Maddie and Ben bring supplies to the mermaids and then try to come up with a plan on how to keep them safe for the duration in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door". Deputy Staub comes by the cabin to ask about the ruckus at the gas station and sees the mermaid pack in episode 2x03 "Natural Order".


Minaty Bay


Ryn, Maddie, and Ben all independently converge to save several beached whales and later they track Ryn to the beach after the sonic disruption and find several of her kin washed ashore in episode 2x01 "The Arrival".

Steveston Harbour

Bristol Cove Harbor

Ryn is trying to buy some seafood on the docks when she notices the strange disturbance again in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Xander discovers Katrina injured in the harbor and later Maddie & Ryn go to pick out some food for the pack in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water".


Sunset Marina

The Anchor

Xander and Calvin walk to the bar in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Levi jumps out of the car as Ben is driving past the bar and runs inside in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water".


Horseshoe Bay Motel

Siren Song Motel

Nicole gets a text from Xander asking to meet again and then calls to report in to her superiors in episode 2x01 "The Arrival".


2724 Henry Street

Bishop House

Maddie returns home to find her parents preparing for an awkward dinner in episode 2x01 "The Arrival". Ben brings Maddie coffee and tells her that the ocena mapping will take eight months in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door". Dale takes out his old gun and later Deputy Staub stops by with a summons to a psychiatric review in Seattle in episode 2x03 "Natural Order". Susan tries to convince Maddie to not move out and then she is visited by her old abusive boyfriend in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water".


2329 Clarke Street

Bristol Cove Town Hall

Ted follows Dale out of the town hall after his hearing goes bad in episode 2x01 "The Arrival".

Barnet Marine Park

Shallow Cove

Ben and Ryn visit a beach where the mermaids should be safe to swim in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital)

Bristol Cove First Federal Bank

Helen goes to the bank to get the money for Helen and Xander visits in an attempt to get a loan in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".

Ted Pownall's Office

Helen visits Ted's office to get some more money to support the mermaids in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".


Race Trac Gas

Race Trac Gas

Ben and Maddie stop for gas with the mermaids on their way back to the cabin and they end up causing a scene in the store in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".


Fernridge Hall

Community Center

Ben goes to an addiction support meeting and Maddie's mother sees him talking about an obsessive relationship in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".


Mt. Seymour Road (between CBC & Perimeter trailheads)


Ben drives Ryn to the marine center in episode 2x02 "The Wolf at the Door".

Pipeline Road (north segment) (Stanley Park)

Forest Road

The mermaids run out onto the street and are almost hit by a car in episode 2x03 "Natural Order".

Stanley Park Pavilion (Stanley Park)


Ben goes out to lunch with his mother who has the results of Helen's DNA test in episode 2x03 "Natural Order".

Ahab's Cafe (exterior)

Helen approaches Rick Marzdan and tells him that they were connected through a DNA test in episode 2x03 "Natural Order".


2725 Moody Street

Rick Marzdan's House

Ben visits the home of the man revealed to be Helen's relative by the DNA test in episode 2x03 "Natural Order".


Willy's Galley


Susan gives Maddie a necklace while they are out eating chili dogs and later the whole gang goes out for dinner after the fight at the bar in episode 2x04 "Oil & Water".