“Serenity” Filming Locations

Ryn brings back a healer from her tribe to help get the song out of Ben & Maddie and Helen finds clues into her father's fate.

Series: Siren Season 2, Episode 12
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Siren episode "Serenity" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2120 Vintner Street as Office of Naval Intelligence

Maddie talks to a psychologist about the effects of Ryn's song.

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Whytecliff Park as Cove

Ryn jumps into the water and later she returns with Eliza to convince her that Ben & Maddie can be trusted.

J.S.McMillan Fisheries as Naval Dock

Nicole shows the trio the submarine they can use to travel to the healing cave.

J.S.McMillan Fisheries as Docks

Calvin and Xander try to convince Levi to head back into the ocean but as they are leaving they are attacked by some folks to whom Calvin owes money.

Vivio Flower Gallery as Helen's Antiquities

Beth is leaving after talking to Helen when she sees Levi walking past and realizes what he is.