“Prologue” Filming Locations

The Rook episode “Prologue” was filmed in London in the United Kingdom.

Somerset House as Apex House

Bronwyn is watching from across the street keeping notes on the comings and goings when Gestalt confronts her.

One Great George Street as Her Majesty's Treasury & Revenue and Customs

Linda and Conrad meet with Jennifer Birch to justify the continued funding of the Checquy.

The Black Friar as The Black Friar

Marcus discusses acquiring another asset for the auction and then gets a call from Bronwyn.

Blackfriars Bridge as Blackfriars Bridge

Bronwyn calls Marcus to ask him about Linda's offer.

HMS President Dock as Dock

Myfanwy arranges a meeting with Lorik to arrange transportation for herself out of the country.

Millennium Bridge as Millennium Bridge

Myfanwy ends up at the bridge as her memories disappear and loses control when confronted by the Lugat goons.