“All's Well That Ends Well” Filming Locations

The Battle for Seattle engulfs the city as Liv and friends race home to deliver the cure.

Series: iZombie Season 5, Episode 13
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iZombie episode "All's Well That Ends Well" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

1010 George Street as Tan Gentle Tanning Salon

Dolly Durkins and her goons ambush and murder a Fillmore Graves lieutenant and decide to go after Enzo Lambert next.


Rio Vista as DeBeers Mansion

Blaine tries to get Peyton to play house with him while he holds her and the kids hostage.

657 37th Avenue West as Fillmore Graves Basement

Major is escorted to the basement to be turned into a feral zombie but is helped by a friendly Fillmore Graves soldier.


1010 George Street as Zombie Jail

Major kills two of the mercenaries who betrayed him and steals the supply of Max Rager.

657 37th Avenue West as Saint Thomas Medical Center

Clive races into the hospital looking for Dale.

5255 Heather Street as Saint Thomas Medical Center (room)

Clive finds Dale's room where she is delaying labor until he can arrive.


Seymour River Heritage Park as Old DeBeers Estate

Blaine is sitting on the edge of the well talking to his father when Don E pushes him down.

657 37th Avenue West as KCEW (exterior)

Enzo Lambert arrives with his Fillmore Graves goon who soon have to defend the studio from the Dead Enders.

5255 Heather Street as San Francisco Police Department

Ten years later, Dale and Clive work together at a different police station and Clive prepares for a VRCast.

5255 Heather Street as Basketball Game

Clive shows Ravi a home video of his kids playing basketball.


Vernon Drive (between Grant & 2nd) as Drive-by

A few Dead Enders shoot at Major as he is walking along the road with the kids.


5345 Indian River Drive as Zombie Island

Liv and Major sit together at their home on Zombie Island watching the kids they saved playing by the water.