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The Flash

Clarx Toys

Axel Walker and Zoey Clark take up residence in an abandoned toy factory and set up a deadly game show in episode 4x11 "The Elongated Knight Rises".


Bratva Hideout

Oliver talks to Anatoly Knyazev about why he is in Russia in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Oliver talks to Anatoly after the first stage of his initiation in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Chasing Criminal

Wild Dog chases a criminal from a rooftop but accidentally falls off in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Latvian Building

Diggle leads an assault to recover a nuclear detonator but is betrayed by his own commander in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Drug Den

A group of corrupt cops kill a pair of drug dealers and are attacked in turn by Church in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Chasing Dealer

Oliver chases a low-level dealer across a rooftop to gain information on his supplier while the team watches from the base in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Shipping Center

Oliver heads to a reported break-in only to find the call was a fake so Billy Malone could pass him information in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Russian Shakedown

Dinah and Oliver head to threaten a business owner as a favor fro the Bratva in episode 5x12 "Bratva".


Talia has Oliver take out a few low-level drug dealers as part of his training in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Russian Orthodox Church (basement)

Diggle and Oliver search the basement of the church for General Walker but find that the General already knew they were coming in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Loading Dock

Curtis and Rene find a surviving Triad member and ask him what the three criminals are searching for in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater".

Russian Hospital

Oliver finds Anatoly resting in a hospital bed after being beaten up in episode 5x12 "Bratva". Oliver tries to get Anatoly out of the hospital when his life is threatened in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater". Anatoly calls for a trial to avoid being killed by Viktor in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".

Dragon's Lair

Diggle visits his drug dealer's lab to get more supply in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Jackals Hideout

Slade tries to convince his son and the other Jackals that he wants to be one of them in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Legends of Tomorrow

Chasing Smoak [2017]

Sara and Amaya chase the vigilante Felicity Smoak through a building and capture her for Damien Darhk in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".

Snart's Hideout [2017]

Mick returns to Snart after the Legends leave him behind in episode 2x16 "Doomworld".



Blaine talks with his father while Don E stands on the rooftop creating the miracle of snowing brains in episode 4x12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away".

Zombie Jail

Chase escorts Mama Leone down into the zombie freezer to serve her sentence in episode 4x05 "Goon Struck". Chase oversees Curtis's execution but puts it on hold when he hears that Renegade has surrendered in episode 4x12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away". Liv is held at Fillmore Graves before her execution and Lambert interrogates her for information on the underground in episode 4x13 "And He Shall Be a Good Man".


Abandoned Building

The sisters chase Jada through a building and after they leave she uses the Scythe to release something from Tartarus in episode 1x08 "Bug A Boo".