“Stranger Beside Me” Filming Locations

Kelly helps J'onn recover his missing memories while Kara tries to track J'onn's brother while keeping up at work.

Series: Supergirl Season 5, Episode 2
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Supergirl episode "Stranger Beside Me" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Canada Place & Thurlow Street as Crosswalk

Kara prevents a crash caused by a woman not paying attention as she crosses the street and then gets angry at an Obsidian ad covering up an important news broadcast.

Jervis Street & Melville Street as Street outside J'onn's Office

Kara tells James about her morning and he tells her about a few future job prospects.

Pacific Coliseum (PNE) as Sewer Tunnels

Kara, Alex, and Brainy track Malefic to the sewers and William follows Kara there using her cellphone.


Broughton Street (north of Hastings) as Street outside Alex's Apartment

Kara's fight with Malefic in the form of Alex spills to the street and she is soon joined by J'onn and James.

Guinness Tower as Rooftop of Alex's Apartment

Kelly gets Alex to the roof but finds herself in danger when Malefic takes her form and tries to trick Alex.