Movies Filmed at Guinness Tower

1055 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 1E3, Canada

Twenty-five story tall office tower in downtown built in 1969 and designed by Charles Paine & Associates. The tower originally featured a pedestrian overpass crossing over to Oceanic Plaza which was torn down in 2014.

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West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & … from The Flash and 13 other movies.
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The Flash

57th Street Tower (above rooftop)

Hawkman lands Kendra Saunders on a rooftop after taking her in episode 2x08 "Legends of Today".

Attacking Geomancer

The police corner Geomancer in a square and Jay Garrick arrives on Velocity 7 in episode 2x13 "Welcome to Earth-2".

Mercury Labs (exterior)

Black Siren destroys the Mercury Labs building in episode 2x22 "Invincible".


Barry and Jesse chase the two criminals outside and up a building but Barry is trapped in a mirror after having to catch Jesse in episode 3x04 "The New Rogues".

The Magicians

San Francisco Office

Marina visits the offices of a hedge witch in San Francisco only to find her contact murdered in episode 2x02 "Hotel Spa Potions".

The 100

City of Light Walkway

Clarke begins to feel sick in the City of Light and the people around her begin to notice her in episode 3x16 "Perverse Instantiation: Part Two".

Legends of Tomorrow

Los Angeles Street [2017]

The team leaves the ship to find Los Angeles overrun by dinosaurs in episode 3x01 "Aruba-Con".


Catco Rooftop

Kara leaves her symbol on the roof to draw out Reign and then confronts her when she arrives in episode 3x09 "Reign".

Holliday Party

Kara and Reign smash into an office holiday party and smash up the place during their fight in episode 3x09 "Reign".

L Corp (lobby)

Ben Lockwood ambushes Lena in the lobby to ask about his father's foundry in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


New York Street

The car crash at the start of episode #201 "A New Day in the Old Town" was shot on the Cordova side of the building.


Pedestrian Crossing

Agent Duram and GDD Director Singh chat on these steps in episode 1x11 "Retribution".