“Green Arrow & the Canaries” Filming Locations

Arrow episode “Green Arrow & the Canaries” was filmed in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Delta, & Burnaby in Canada.

The Polygon Gallery as Club V

Laurel arrives at the club to prevent Bianca's kidnapping but is unable to help her.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre as Graduation Party

Mia attends her graduation party in style but things are interrupted when Laurel and Dinah show up to talk about Bianca and give her her memories back.

3760 72 Street as Bertinelli Mansion

Mia talks to Bianca's adopted family while Dinah sneaks inside to plant bugs and Laurel keeps watch.

The Polygon Gallery as JJ's Gallery

Dinah, Laurel, and Mia attend an event at JJ's gallery to find a way to sneak into his office.

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers as Green Building

Mia, Laurel, and Dinah race to rescue Mia's friend Bianca who is being held captive.

Crab Park as Green Arrow Memorial

Mia and William are talking about the new Green Arrow while standing at their father's memorial when they are attacked and knocked out.