“Magicians Anonymous” Filming Locations

Kady and Fogg take a trip, Julia asks a favor, and Margo starts her new job.

The Magicians episode “Magicians Anonymous” was filmed in Vancouver & Burnaby in Canada.

Shanghai Alley as Shanghai Alley

Fogg and Kady marvel at the Etheric Realm while high off their minds and notice a brown bunny trying to lead them somewhere.

Burnaby Central Park as The Wall & Beyond

Margo starts her work as a guard and her team is assigned to cross the wall with the Dark King to rescue a group of royal map makers.

Locarno Beach Park as Beach of Lost Socks

Kady and Fogg follow the brown bunny to the beach where the Emperor is hanging out. He tells them that in exchange for the information they seek, one of them will have to remain in the Etheric Realm forever.