Movies Filmed at Burnaby Central Park

Burnaby Central Park, Burnaby, BC V5S 3R2, Canada
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Bonsor Tennis Courts from The X-Files
328 m

Central Park Pool from The Twilight Saga: New Moon
371 m

Swangard Stadium from The Flash and 1 other movie.
519 m

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In a flashback, Laurel gives the eulogy at Tommy's funeral and later Oliver gives the eulogy at Laurel's funeral and reveals her identity as the Black Canary in episode #419 "Canary Cry". Oliver stands over Laurel's grave with Felicity in episode #423 "Schism".

Lian Yu Evacuation

Oliver finishes burying Taiana while the last of the prisoners are airlifted out by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. in episode #423 "Schism".

Grave in Woods

Church forces Rene to dig his own grave in the woods in episode #505 "Human Target".


Bench by Lake

Park where Broyles and Senator Van Horn talk in episode #206 "Earthling". Also where Broyles and Olivia talk at the end of #208 "August".


Anson Carr searches for another couple to experiment on around a lake in the park in episode #415 "A Short Story About Love". Filmed outside the south entrance of building F.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Near Rebel Camp [2166]

The team gets surrounded by suspicious rebels while heading to their camp in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Delta Camp [2166]

The rebels come upon the ruins of the other rebel camp in episode #113 "Leviathan".

Stargate SG-1


Episode #1006 "200".

Primeval: New World


The team searches for a missing child while two creatures stalk the forest in episode #101 "The New World".


From episode #406 "Interference".

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