“Alex in Wonderland” Filming Locations

Having difficulty dealing with the anger brought up by her father's death, Alex travels into Obsidian Platinum where she takes on the role of Supergirl but soon finds herself getting lost in the machine.

Series: Supergirl Season 5, Episode 16
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Supergirl episode "Alex in Wonderland" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

East Pender Street (between Vernon & Clark) as Street Simulation

Alex lands in the virtual world as Supergirl and sees a billboard celebrating her.

Guildford Town Centre as Mall Simulation

Alex lands in a mall where another person is playing music and chats with someone about VR before stopping a Dracokardosian attack.


Johnstone Boiler & Tank Ltd. as Abandoned Warehouse on Waterfront Road

Alex confronts Hank Henshaw who is waiting for her with a kryptonite weapon.


NationWide Self Storage as West National City Bank Depository

Alex is arresting two bank robbers when one removes her mask to reveal herself to be Alex as a teen.

E-One Moli Energy as Luthor Corp Naval Solutions

Alex is taken by her teenage self to the last place she saw her father in an effort to get her to confront her reality.


Milner Chapel as Midvale Church

Alex and Kelly enter the funeral during Eliza's eulogy and Alex sits next to Kara.