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20000 Stewart Crescent, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 9E7, Canada
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A research and manufacturing facility for the Taiwanese battery manufacturer which produces lithium-ion batteries for tools, laptops, and electric cars.

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The Flash

Tannhauser Industries (lab)

Caitlin's mother Dr. Tannhauser runs some tests on her cold powers in episode 3x05 "Monster".


Barry and Wally go to stop Ramsey Deacon but he manages to take control of Barry's fancy new suit in episode 4x02 "Mixed Signals".

Moretti Brothers' Warehouse

Vanessa Jansen crushes Bobby Moretti into a tiny cube and steals his guns. Nora shows up when Barry is investigating the scene and he has to pass her off as his new intern to Captain Singh in episode 5x02 "Blocked".

Cicada's Workplace

Cicada changes into his work clothes and thinks back to the murder of Gridlock earlier in the evening in episode 5x02 "Blocked".


Uranium Facility

The Faction takes over a facility that is being used to produce the U-235 needed to power the Director in the future in episode 2x06 "U235".


Laura Washington's Lab

The team tracks down Laura Washington who stole the device they need to use the alien tech and Rene confronts her with Barry & Kara in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

Batoon Medical Research

Diggle and the team attempt to foil a robbery of some medicine only to find the thieves are Bratva led by Anatoly and sent by Oliver in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Zarn Corporation

Oliver leads the team in stopping Anatoly's second medicine heist in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Kord Industries

Felicity and Curtis break into a tech company to steal the tool they need to decrypt Chase's image scrambler in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Russian Medical Supply Company

Oliver, Anatoly, and the Bratva break into a medical company to steal some medicine for the sick children in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Sunderland Corp

Black Siren breaks into a lab under the guidance of Cayden James and steals some Nano-Termite in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".


The team tracks Black Siren to a second robbery but Diggle has a medical incident during their attempt to stop her in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".


Thorul Arctic Research Station

A group of researchers in the arctic find a frozen wolf body and something goes terribly wrong when they go to dissect it leading to the D.E.O.'s investigation in episode 2x06 "Changing".

National City University

Dr. Jones heads back to his lab after being rescued by the DEO and kills his boss who wants to fire him in episode 2x06 "Changing".

Drug Deal

James interrupts a deal between Brian and his drug dealer and squeezes some information about the attack on the square from him in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

Hideout (exterior)

James, Winn, and the alien refugees leave their hideout to watch the spacecraft flying over the city in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

National City University Stadium (basement)

Kara finds Thomas Coville beneath the stadium with the Kryptonian pod set to detonate in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".

Alien Fission Rod Facility

Kara arrives at a robbery by the Children of Liberty in time to save Manchester from being shot in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".

Primeval: New World

Cross Photonics

Offices of Evan Cross's company and headquarters of the anomaly team. From episode 1x01 "The New World".