“That Hope Is You, Part 1” Filming Locations

Michael searches for her missing crew while trying to navigate a strange future.

Star Trek: Discovery episode “That Hope Is You, Part 1” was filmed in Toronto in Canada and in Iceland.

Hverfjall as Crater

Michael crash lands on the edge of a crater on a strange world and sends her suit up through the wormhole before it closes.

Goðafoss as Top of Waterfall

Michael and Booker walk on a rock above a waterfall on their way to the Mercantile.

Seljalandsfoss as Behind a Waterfall

Michael and Booker teleport away from the Mercantile but are quickly tracked by security and have to flee again.

Blue Lagoon as Lagoon

Booker teleports Michael and himself into the water to avoid tracking and then reveals his abilities to find a plant to help Michael's arm.