“Pilot” Filming Locations

Series: Supergirl Pilot
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Supergirl pilot episode was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

West 5th Street & South Flower Street as Pedestrian Bridge

Kara crosses the pedestrian bridge while walking towards the CatCo building.


Citibank Center as CatCo Worldwide Media

Kara works for Cat Grant at her media conglomerate.


East 6th Street (between Spring & Main) as Street

Kara runs out of the bar and sees Alex's plane falling.


Frank Court Alley (south of Broadway, west of 6th) as Alley

Kara runs down the alley and makes several attempt to fly.


1055 West 7th Street as CatCo Worldwide Media (roof)

Kara tells Winn the truth on the roof of CatCo.


Middleton Ranch as Diner

Vartox spots Supergirl on the television.


Long Beach Generating Station as National City Power Plant

Vartox calls out Kara to battle at the power plant where her X-Ray vision can't find him.


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as Bank Robbery

Supergirl is photographed stopping a bank robbery.

Source: Seeing Stars


Soledara Canyon Road (near Crown Valley Road) as Final Battle

Kara stops a truck with her body and fights Vartox.

Source: Seeing Stars