“Stronger Together” Filming Locations

Series: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 2
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Supergirl episode "Stronger Together" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Mystery Mesa (Agua Dulce Ranch) as DEO Base Camp

The DEO tests Supergirl's abilities in the middle of the desert.


Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant as Plastino Chemicals

Hellgrammite kills a guard at a chemical plant and then Supergirl and the DEO are called in to investigate.

Source: IMDb


S.S. Lane Victory as Tanker Ship

Kara attempts to save a ship from a fire at the port but accidentally causes an oil spill.

Source: IMDb


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as CatCo Worldwide Media (deliveries)

Kara arranges to meet both James and Winn behind the building as Supergirl.

Source: IMDb


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as Dark Alley

Two soldiers sent by Astra attack Hellgrammite for his indiscretion at the chemical plant.


Former Sixth Street Viaduct as Viaduct

The truck carrying the DDT is attacked by Hellgrammite while being protected by Alex and Hank.

Source: IMDb


Griffith Helipad (Griffith Park) as Hilltop Interview

Kara carries Cat's car to the top of a hill near the city for her interview.